Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hayride Fieldtrip

Did I mention that Kade has a lot of fieldtrips at the beginning of the year?  He's already had his second one.  On Thursday we went to Bendix Woods for a hayride.  I really had no desire to go.  I've done it four times already.  It's always cold, usually rains the night before or that morning,...I know, it's for Kade not me.  So I sucked it up, took some Advil and a muscle relaxer, and off we went.  Kade's friend Noah and his mom, Amy, rode with us.  That was nice to have someone to talk to.  The boys were engrossed in a Backyardigans for the entire drive.  The sun did peak out and warmed us up a little and only the ground was wet.  I told Kade we were going to a park for the hayride and there would be wagons of hay for us to ride in.  He then asked, "How the horses going to get there?"  I guess he was still stuck on our Shipshewana trip.  I told him there wouldn't be any horses the wagons were pulled by a tractor.  His face lit up.

He had to get a picture with the tractor.

A tractor

Here's the other pictures I took.  He's a little goofy in them.

In the wagon In the HayOutside the Nature Center

The trip did turn out to be fun for Kade and not too bad for me.  I still can't seem to come home the same way I go.  Maybe next year.

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becca said...

ooh these will be fun pictures to scrap! i have not heard of this place, but sounds kinda fun. (for the kids anyway)