Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heroes and Villains

Tonight was the annual Trunk-Or-Treat at church.  Mickey and the kids dressed up and went.  Here are a few of the heroes and villains from Gotham City.  (Masks are not allowed so we did the best we could.)

Heroes and Villains
Catwoman aka Mattey
Batman aka Kade
Batgirl aka Megan
The Joker aka Mickey


Janel said...

Rock on! Those are AWESOME costumes--all coordinated. Did Kelly not go because she didn't want to dress up as Poison Ivy?

becca said...

Janel, I am cracking up at your comment! I think Kelly totally should have been Poison Ivy!! These are awesome costumes!! I am wondering, is Mickey, I mean, the Joker, going to work with green hair the rest of the week?

Kelly said...

Poison Ivy could not leave the greenhouse because there was a freeze advisory. She does not do well in the cold. Maybe she'll make a showing on Friday.

The Joker's hair did come clean and so did his face. It will return on Friday.

Mickey Standiford said...

Even after the makeup came off, I was very tempted to leave the green hair. I think it went well with my eyes. Maybe I'll leave it on, after Friday, just for Stake Conference. Ha, ha, ha!

Janel said...

You couldn't get more scandalized looks than if you wore an EARRING as Captain Jack, right? : )