Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kade Goes to the Dentist

It kind of sounds like a title for a Curious George book, doesn't it?  Kade was much better behaved than George ever would have been.  Which is good because I'm not as patient as the man with the yellow hat, at least the one in the books.  The one in the movie is a little more tense, like me.  In April I had a cleaning and took Kade along with me.  I thought it's about time for him to have a turn so he probably better see what happens so he doesn't freak out.  He was really good.  He watched some of the cleaning but otherwise kept busy with the things I brought for him to do.  He did brush the big teeth with the big toothbrush.  He seemed calm about the whole thing so I made him an appointment.

Six months later...I had a cleaning on Tuesday.  Kade tagged along like last time, getting another look at what was going to happen to him.  Let me break in the story and give a little history.  The girls both had dental work done when they were little, before turning 3.  They both had molars that came in rotting.  Some had to be filled, others were pulled.  Now that's not fun when you're an adult, I can't imagine what it was like when they were 2.  That's why I didn't take them.  Mickey was my hero and their support.  When it was time for them to get their teeth cleaned they totally freaked out.  Do you blame them?  Not at all.  So with this being our experience I kind of expected Kade to be a little afraid and then "Um Duh" (Kade's new favorite saying, usually ending with Mom) I realized he didn't have to have any work done so there was no reason for him to be afraid.  Okay, back to the story.  Kade greeted Jackie, our wonderful hygienist, and went down the hall to the room.  I walked in a few steps behind him and he's already in the chair.  He thought it was funny.  I shooed him out and told him his appointment was the next day.  He was fine with that and he let me get in.  He really watched everything Jackie did to me.  He came up to my side to see how the suction tool worked and later he held my hand.  I didn't need it but it was sweet.  Jackie let him get a toy because he was so good.  He was happy.

The next day was his turn.  (I'll be using a lot of pictures in this part of the story, just like a book.)  We got to the office and had to wait a little bit.  This is what Kade did while he waited.

He peeked through the slot to see if Jackie was coming.

Waiting for his turn

He roamed around the waiting room and found a chair to sit in.

Trying out a chair

He decided he wanted to take a few pictures so I let him have a turn.  These are his.

Took a picture of mom Took a picture of the magazines

Then I showed him where the kid books and magazine were.  He pulled out a Ranger Rick to look at.

Looking at a magazine

Then Jackie made her entrance and Kade had the camera again.  I figured no one would want to see the floor so I didn't include that picture.  He wanted to take Jackie's picture.  He told her to say cheese and she did, not thinking he'd actually take her picture.

Say cheese Jackie

Then it was back to the room.  He climbed up into the chair again, happy it was his turn.

In the chair and ready to go

He got a "bib" on and settled back in the chair for a little ride.  Jackie started by counting his teeth.  On the way there I told Kade that Jackie would count his teeth and I asked him how many he thought he had.  He said five.  I stifled a giggle and told him I guessed 20.  Guess who was right?

Counting teeth

Kade was shown all the tools and Jackie was so good to explain things to him before she did anything.  He got to feel the spinning toothbrush with his finger.  He liked using the suction tool, although he really does like to spit now.

Holding the suction tool Teeth getting polished

Right before the cleaning was over someone popped in the room.  Dad came by to see how things were going.

Dad stops by

Jackie finished up the polishing and painted on the flouride.  Kade was starting to get wiggly.  It must be hard to sit still for 20 minutes when you're 3.  He was done and waiting for the dentist to come in to take a look.  He got to wiggle a little then.  I was really surprised that Kade wasn't frightened by Dr. B. when he wanted to take a look in his mouth.  He was wearing a mask and funky glasses.  I think it's a little scary but maybe that's just me.

Dr. B takes a look

Here's Kade with his clean, shiny teeth.

All clean

When that was done Kade got some goodies.  He had been waiting to pick out a new toothbrush.  He picked Mater, from Cars.  He told Mickey he would get him a Batman one.  How cute.  Jackie gave him toothpaste and floss too.  He was so happy to have his own bag of loot.

Picking a toothbrush Kade and Jackie

And we can't forget the favorite part about going to the dentist, picking a toy.

Picking a toy.

Kade was terrific.  He was a great little patient.  I don't think we'll have a problem taking him anywhere.  I better knock on wood, just in case.

P.S.  Please don't think I'm one of those weird mothers that photographs everything her children do.  This was his first dental visit and I actually remembered the camera.  And since I'm really behind with everyone's scrapbooks I just did it digitally, in a way.  Now when I get around to scrapping this event I won't have to remember any of the details, I can just look them up.  Nice.


Justin & LeighAnne said...

I love the photo of him after he peeked through the slot!

Mickey Standiford said...

Great post! Maybe after your bag making business you'll switch and become an author/illustrator of kids books.

becca said...

Sounds like he was really prepared for a positive experience. Fun pictures and I think you are so right about documenting it all now and scrapping it later. I am EXTREMELY behind and I am counting on my blog to help me out too.

michellekarren said...

So Sweet! I'll bet Kade just charmed them all. And the dad is cute too!