Monday, October 20, 2008

A Little Funny

On Friday the girls didn't have school so we stopped by the library and got some books.  One of the books Meg got was a Halloween joke book.  Both girls thought the jokes were so funny.  They were very cheesy with a little humor on the side.  Kade heard them telling jokes and had to get in on the fun.  Here's his joke:

Why did the chicken go to Wal*Mart?

To buy some clothes.

This was followed by lots of laughter, from the joke teller and his audience.  He has a good sense of humor so I'm sure this won't be the last joke we hear from him.  It will be fun to watch how his humor grows.  The joke has already had some changes.  The chicken is now buying girl clothes.  I don't know why that's more funny because Kade then explains that the chicken is a girl.

Cute Kade

Mattey's little funny from the other day was an expression she said.  We were at the table snacking or something (I wish I would have written it down right after it happened) and I did or said something.  Then Mattey exclaims "Oh, Mother Nature!"  I can't say that I've ever heard that expression and I hope Mother Nature doesn't mind Mattey taking her name in vain.  Mickey and I thought it was very funny and had a good laugh.  Mat got mad because she thought we were laughing at her.  She hasn't learned the difference yet.  Next time I'll be sure to write it down right away so everyone can enjoy the humor.

Happy Mattey

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becca said...

too cute! I can see your kids all laughing at kade's jokes!

The other day at vicky's house Jed picked up a dime, and goes, "hey mom, look a quarter!" I said, "actually that's a dime." So he promptly tossed it back on the carpet and exclaimed, "DIME-IT!" and ran off. Vicky and I laughed sooo hard. I think he was combining dime with his common explitive, dangit.