Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mickey's Knee

Almost two weeks ago now Mickey had knee surgery.  I don't know why I haven't written about it yet or why he hasn't for that matter.

It all started about a year ago.  He unknowingly hurt his knee.  He still has no idea how he did it.  The pain had been getting worse and it sounded terrible when it would crack.  I will say I actually nagged him, and I never nag him, to go see his Sports Med. doc.  He finally did.  After getting an unnecessary x-ray, aren't they always, he got an MRI that showed he had torn his minecus.  What?  How?  (This is my understanding of it.  I am not a medical professional but I do sometimes understand the jargin the doctors spew out.)  The minecus is the "padding" between the upper and lower leg bones in the knee joint.  He had a tear on the inner side of the right knee.  The flap of tissue was causing irritation and therefore pain.  Removing the flap of tissue should solve the problem.  Mickey went to a surgeon named Michael Yergler.  He was good.  And he was fast.  Mickey was in and out of surgery in about 15 minutes.  (It was laparoscopic.)   He was only on crutches for about 2 minutes to get into the house.  He didn't need any strong pain meds.  He even entertained the kids over the weekend.  He spent his recovery time playing Lego Batman with his leg propped up.

Dr. Yergler told me not to baby him and I didn't.  I didn't make him get up all the time for ice but Mickey didn't get waited on hand and foot.  I thought he should have gone back to work on Monday but he was a little tired so I didn't complain, it is nice having him home and almost to myself.  We got to run some errands together.  He went back to work and school on Tuesday.  He came home sore and tired.  He had a long walk from the car to class and back again.  Oops.  The next Friday he had an appt. to get the stitches removed.  Dr. Yergler was impressed with his recovery.  He told him in three weeks he could do whatever he wanted.  Now my only question is why did he wait so long?

I'm Mickey Standiford and I approved this message.


becca said...

LOL, I am glad mickey was ok with you posting all those personal details Kelly. I didn't realize Mickey had knee surgery. Sound like a painful issue. Erick has a bit of arthritis in his knee, I wish I could get a dr to tell me not to baby him when it flares up. bwaahahahaha

michellekarren said...

What? I am confused. I thought Mickey already had surgery in Indianapolis? Well, here's to a speed recovery! I think he just wanted to play Legos all day. ps- lovely bag you made Kelly!

Kelly said...

The surgery in Indy was 3 years ago on his left ankle. He's covering both legs so neither one gets jealous.

Thanks Michelle.