Saturday, October 4, 2008

More Soccer

Every Saturday for a while we will be having soccer games.  We won't be putting pictures up every week but I want to do some details of the games.  Here are the pictures from last week.  We had back to back games on back to back fields.  We couldn't ask for anything better.  The girls played very well.  It was also very warm, unlike this week.

First was Megan's game.  She scored a goal and was all over the field.  She also played goalie again.  She had to share shoes with a girl on her team because the teenage ref wouldn't let her play in softball cleets.  I guess there is an extra toe piece that could hurt someone.  We've never had anyone say anything before.  Mickey got a picture of Meg's goal.

This is a GOAL!

Next was Mattey's game.  We just had to turn around and move our chairs a few feet to the next field.  Mattey was a little grouchy that morning and it helped her be a little more agressive on the field.  She was after the ball most of the time she was on the field.  Mat did have an attempt at a goal but it was unsuccessful.  She played goalie too.  She likes to wear the gloves.

Mat in action

This week there are no pictures.  Meg's game was at 11:00 on the far south side of town while Mat's game was at 12:30 on the very north side of town.  We had to divide and conquer on this chilly day.

Mickey went with Meg.  She didn't get a goal today but she did block all 6-7 attempts the other team made while playing goalie one quarter.  Way to go Meg.

Mattey wasn't grouchy today so she wasn't very agressive.  Actually her entire team was too polite.  While playing goalie she was too busy cheering/coaching that the ball slipped past her.  Oops.  Her team did score a goal which helps keep morale up.  We had snack today.  I think Mattey was excited about passing that out she couldn't get her head in the game.  There's always next week.  Stay tuned for more updates.

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becca said...

I love the action shots! very cool! I love the new look to the blog also!