Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Kade's school had another field trip on Thursday.  We went to Matthys Farm.  I've wanted to go there for a while but have never made it.  The school usually goes to a place in Michigan.  Matthys not only had pumpkins but a hayride, corn maze, and a petting zoo with a playground area.  It was nice. We had lovely sunshine for the trip but the temperature could have been a little warmer.

After we got there we had to wait a little while in a greenhouse for the tractor to pick us up for the hayride to the pumpkin patch.  Kade sat around and got stuck between two hay bales.

Stuck in some hay

The tractor came and took us for a short ride to the corn maze.  We had to find our way through to get to the pumpkin patch.  I think this field is there for picture taking or these pumpkins are waiting to be moved up to the selling spot.  We didn't get to pick one of these nice ones.  The maze was a little tricky, Kade had to take a little rest on some hay bales half way through.  Look at that sky.

The Pumpkins Entering the Corn Maze Taking a rest

We finally got out of the maze and started looking for a pumpkin.  Before we could find one someone had a little emergency.  The bathroom was a long way away so we found a secluded place with corn that needed some watering.  Kade thought that was very funny.  I showed Kade a few pumpkins and he picked the second or third one.  We had to watch out for the rotting ones.  Gross.

How about this one? Here it is!

We climbed back into the wagon of hay and were dropped off at the greenhouse again for a snack.  With full tummies we walked over to the petting zoo.  Kade didn't have much interest in petting anything.  He excitedly ran from one pen to another.  Here's a few pictures from that.  The pigs are sleeping.

Pigs sleeping The Pony A Calf Watching the sheep The rooster says Hi

We had a little time left before we had to leave so Kade enjoyed himself on the playground things.  Here he is driving a wooden truck and train.

Driving a wooden truck Driving the Train

Here he is sliding and crossing a bridge.

Fun Slide Crossing the bridge

We had a nice field trip.  Kade's excited to carve or decorate his pumpkin.  I'm sure we'll post something about that later.

The Good Pumpkins

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becca said...

cute! looks like fun. I took the kids last year for the play group day there. It's a cool little place. I love the shots of all the pumpkins.