Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hardy Roses

Roses in November

Last week as I was leaving and/or coming home I noticed a lot of color on a rose bush.  I had to go take a look. This is what it looked like:  four open roses and at least two buds. Here it was the first week of November, we had already had frosts in the night, and we had our first snow.  This rose bush looked better than it had in the summer.  Go figure.


Janel said...

What a green thumb! Nice work! And, speaking of impressive finger work, I got your package yesterday. WOW!!! What a gorgeous blanket. I am so impressed. Thank you so much. I will call and talk to you one of these days when I can figure out how to get some free time in between the many nursing sessions.

Kelly said...

I wouldn't say I have a green thumb, at least not with this bush. It was neglected all summer. Hey, maybe that's the trick to growing roses.

Now that you have the blanket I can post about. I'm glad you like it.

becca said...

yah, that figures doesnt it? we had an unusual start to the fall this month for sure. but I guess now its back to normal. They look very pretty, and I could easily tend flowers that require negligence. :)