Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Last Soccer Games

Yes, I'm behind again.  Two Saturdays ago the girls had their last soccer game.  They both played hard, well one of them did, but both had a good game. We also had wonderful weather for the last day thanks to a little Indian summer.

Meg's game was first.  She played goalie a lot.  The coach even took out his own daughter to put Meg in.  She's good.  The last game is when the players get their medals and patches.  The coach forgot.  Supposedly they are in the mail.  Here's a few good shots of Meg's game and a team photo.  She is really into it.  Just look at her face.  Reminds me of someone else when they used to play.

Goalie Kick Watch out! Goal attempt, a little off Look at those legs Taking it down field Totally in the moment Team Picture

Mat's game was right after Meg's and on the next field.  We loved it when it worked out like that.  Mattey wasn't as motivated as in other games.  She played but was more willing to sit and cheer.  Mat got to play goalie.  That's when she's wearing the big gloves.  Mattey did get her medal and patch.  She was happy about that.

Going for the ball Getting ready to kick Directing teammates Team Donut Monkey Mattey Mat with her medal

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becca said...

these are such cool pictures! Looks like they both had a great season.