Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Critic and Potential Musician

Tonight we went to my niece's concert.  She's in 8th grade and plays the clarinet.  The concert started at 7p.m. which is around the time our kids start getting ready for bed.  The 5th grade orchestra started out the night.  I'll be very nice and just say you could tell they were beginners.  Then came the 6th graders.  A little better.  Somewhere towards the beginning we realized we should have left Kade with Papa.  Nana came with us.  He kept asking if it was over and he was just all over the place being loud.  Then it was time for the advanced orchestra to play.  They entertained us with "Let it Snow".  I leaned over to Mickey and said I thought this was pretty good.  Then Kade loudly states, "This is terrible!"  We were all laughing to ourselves and trying not to let him see us.  I guess he's a critic already but he should have said it earlier.  (I think he was too busy eating Nana's chocolate to care.)  We were ready to take him home.  Unfortunately Crissy didn't play until the end.  We waited it out.  The orchestras finished and left the stage so the concert band could fill the seats.  Kade thought they were going to leave their instruments on the chairs for anyone to play them.  He was making lots of plans as to what he wanted to try out.  He was very disappointed when the musicians took the instruments with them.  He then kept asking if he could play Crissy's when she was done.  I tried to distract and quiet him by telling him he could play my cello tomorrow after school.  That did it.  The stubborn three-year-old kept telling me over and over that he was going to play it when we got home.  Oh it was so time for him to go to bed.  We barely made it through the concert.  We'll have to take him with us to the girls' concert next week but I don't think we'll take him to my nephew's concert in a week and a half.


Janel said...

Get that kid in music lessons!

becca said...

LOL, I love kids and their random thoughts.