Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Diaper Bag

Now that it's gotten to where it was going I can write/brag about it.  I made a diaper bag for a friend who had her first baby.  The style was inspired by My "Bohemian Bag" and the first bag I sold.  I loved it so much it almost didn't make it to my friend, not that I need a bag that big.

Diaper Bag Outside

Love this fabric!

Stretchy Pocket

It has two stretchy outside pockets, one on each side.

End Pocket and Ribbon

And two end pockets for bottles, burp cloths, etc.  I can't forget the great bow that can be let out if you need more room.

Diaper Bag Inside

Five inside pockets to keep you organized.


Janel said...

Beautiful. Worthy of The Quilted Bear, or better!

Kelly said...

Thanks. I had to look up the Quilted Bear. I didn't know store like that existed. Websites yes but stores....

becca said...

ooh this is awesome! fun colors for a diaper bag too. very cool. I love the bow! nice touch.

Jilsyt said...

Very nice. I love all the pockets!!

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