Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two More Projects

I love this little hat pattern.  (I altered it a little, adding ribbon and leaving off the flowers.)  I had to make it for a little cutie named Lily and maybe her cousin will get the second one.  I found a great new yarn at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago when I went for another reason.  Isn't that when you find the good stuff?  When you're not looking for it.  The yarn is Naturally Caron Country.  This is my first time using wool.  It's a great blend, only 25% merino and not the least bit itchy.  It has a great hand and beautiful stitch definition.  The best part is it's machine washable.  I doubled the yarn to use the bigger needle called for in the pattern.

Knitted Baby Hats

I just got my order for some Naturally Caron Spa which is a bamboo blend.  I have a sweater pattern all picked out.  Now I just need to make the time, meaning I'll need to find some movies and TV shows to watch.

Today I sold my second bag!  A coworker/employee of the first buyer had to have one.  She ordered back in October knowing she wouldn't get it for a long time.  She wanted one for her 70 year old mother who's a little funky.  Shopping for someone I don't know was a little bit of a challenge but I nailed it with my first choice of fabrics, also found at Hobby Lobby.  Here's the finished product.

Argyle Bucket

Inside Argyle Bucket

Arglye Detail

Mickey really liked the way this turned out.  I don't think I've ever really heard him comment so much about a bag I've made.  Maybe I'll have to make him something, but what?


Mickey Standiford said...

What fun it was to be present when Kelly delivered this bag! The lady (basically a total stranger) said, "Can I hug you?" She was thrilled with the bag. Did anyone else notice how talented my wife is?

Kelly said...

Yes, the lady grabbed me by the shoulders and said, "You're Kelly?" I said yes and she almost grabbed the bag out of my hand and after looking at it for a second asked if she could hug me. After the hug she ran around the office showing everyone the bag. I believe I even heard her say she got to pick out the fabrics. In actuality she did, from the options I sent her. It was fun to watch her run around all excited like at kid on Christmas morning.

kellymear said...

You're so awesome! I love that bag too- I'd say that lady and Mickey have great taste! And, yes, Kelly is so talented.

becca said...

I concur. Kelly Is very talented!!! I love the little hats! how darling! And the bag, awesome!! Are those American Crafts fabric? They make scrap paper but the patterns look familiar? Very fun!

Kelly said...

It's funny you should say that. Tricia said it was like the paper she was working with at our last crop. I can't remember the name. The fabric is by Brother Sister Design Studio. I have noticed that Hobby Lobby has the same print in fabrics and scarp paper.

Janel said...

If you think that lady was excited to get her bag you should have seen Lily and Amy fight over the hats. Whew. It was close, but Lily won the dusty pink and Amy got the periwinkle (blueberry yogurt?). Neither had much to lose because they were both so cute. Thanks for thinking of us, once again!