Saturday, January 31, 2009

Groundhog Day

I know we still have a few days to go but tonight I read Kade a book I got from the library, "Substitute Groundhog" by Pat Miller.  It's a cute little book.  The story tells of groundhog waking up sick the day before his big day.  The doctor tells him he has the flu and needs to stay in bed for two days.  Groundhog is a little concerned about that and decided to find someone to take his place.  After a few unsuccessful candidates he finds one, an armadillo from Texas.  Sadly the armadillo sees her shadow and there will be six more weeks of winter.  Groundhog ends up going to Texas with the armadillo because Spring is already there.

I really, REALLY hope the groundhog does not see his/her shadow on Monday.  I am SO ready for Spring.  I'm ready for nicer weather and to spring clean the house.  I'm sure there will be loads of trash and stuff going to Goodwill.

Keep your fingers crossed.


kellymear said...

It's pretty much spring down here already- come visit! Seriously, come.

becca said...

That sounds like a cute book! I wonder if my kids got whatever the groundhog had, because Ella was up all night throwing up and Luke has been throwing up today! So with that, I agree, spring cannot get here soon enough! I am daydreaming about OPENING WINDOWS!! Doesnt that sound so nice? Sigh...