Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Mickey and I decided this was probably the best Valentine's Day we've had in a long time so I had to blog about it so I can remember it. There are no pictures from the day but oh well.

I'd been looking forward to Valentine's Day for a little while.  I had a secret project I was working on for Mickey.  And Mickey had won tickets at work for the South Bend Symphony Pops concert for that night.  Oooo a real night out!  How nice.

The day started with us having to threaten not to give the kids their Valentines which was part of our family date.  Not good.  They didn't want to clean their rooms and they really needed to be cleaned.  The floor was barely visible.  They did get the job done.  After a quick lunch we took the kids out for our date.  We went to Barnes and Noble to let them each pick out a book.  We were there for a while.  Mickey got to witness the police take someone out of the store.  Fun for him but a little scary with the kids having been there.  Then we stopped at Panera Bread to get a little treat.  I'm sorry but I don't think their baked goods are as good as mine and you can taste and feel all the fat that's included in it.  Yuck.  Then we stopped at Kohl's for a few things like longer pants for Meg and Kade and new bathroom towels.  When we got home we gave the kids the rest of their Valentine, a bag of Dove chocolates.

Mickey and I somehow found a few quiet moments to exchange our gifts.  I think one child was in the shower and the other two were actually playing nicely with each other.  I had finished up my secret gift the night before so I was anxious to give it to him.  I'd already been sneaking around working on it for more than a month.  I had the idea for this a while ago, like a year and a half.  I wanted to make him a book filled with reasons why I love him.  I got a little help from my crop friends (thanks girls) and it turned out great.  Mickey loved it.  He had no idea.  His first comment was "you haven't made anything scrapbook wise in a while".  Yes, that's true.  He opened it up and started reading.  It didn't take too long for tears to come.  I hadn't even thought about his reaction upon reading it.  I had only been worried about getting it done in time.  It wasn't long before he pulled me to him while he finished reading it.  It was great.  At the end of the book I added a gift card to iTunes.  He asked how I came up with all the reasons.  I told him at first I had a hard time but once they started coming they just flowed out.  I started paying more attention too.  The greatest part about making this book for him is that I while I was concentrating on all his good qualities I fell in love with him all over again.  And I found myself willing to do things to make him happy.  I was just drawn to him again.  After almost 16 years of marriage that was a nice thing for me.  For me it was like being a newly wed again.  Enough of my mushy stuff, here's a few pictures.

Love You book I

Love You book II Love You book III Love You book IV

Love You book V

Then I got to open my present.  I'd been looking forward to this too.  I got the Twilight saga.  After reading it in 5 days last month I thought I had better get my own copy.  I specifically asked for this.  There was also a little surprise.  A certificate for an hour long massage.  I'm not sure how I feel about this - only because I get anxious about that kind of thing since I don't normally do something like that - but I'm sure I'll use it and enjoy it.  Thanks, Sweetie.

After all the kids got bathed we took them to my parents' house so we could have our date.  We picked up our take out from Chili's and went back home to have a quiet candle light dinner.  Then it was time to get done up for the concert.  We were looking forward to this.  Mickey's company is a sponsor and the person who was going to accept an award didn't go so Mickey got to go backstage, meet some important people, and go on stage to receive the award.  Pretty cool.  The music was "love" music from Hollywood and Broadway.  Two Broadway actors/singers, Susan Egan and Gary Mauer, were there to perform with the symphony.  They were excellent, of course.  We both decided we need to go back for other concerts.  There's another Pops concert in March that sounds good.  And a few other events are coming here too.  I'm looking forward to some good entertainment.  To end the night we got to come home to a quiet house.  Thanks Mom.


kellymear said...

That book is awesome Kelly! What a fun idea- and of course you make it look so good. You've got a great eye.

My maiden name is Egan, but I'd never heard of Susan before this post. I just went to her site and listened to some clips- what a great voice! So, I guess I'll claim relation. :)

Janel said...

That book is awesome, Kelly. It looks like it took a ton of planning and work--but I'm sure it will be around (and appreciated) for a long time. And if you don't want that massage, I'm sure I could fly out and use it for you. : ) You deserve it--just wear a mask if you feel embarrassed! And ask for a female massage therapist!

becca said...

your book turned out awesome Kelly!! It was fun to see that whole process! Mickey, she really did work hard and put a lot of thought and love into it...which I am sure you know. :) It looks great, and your date sounds like it was a lot of fun!! and I too think you would really enjoy the massage! I love getting them. Not that I do very often. Anyway, happy valentines to you two love birds.

Mickey Standiford said...

Becca, Kelly filled me in on just some of the time and effort she put into making this book for me. I loved the book! It was so awesome. I had to go back a second time to look at the art involved in it because the first time through I was caught up in all the wonderful things Kelly wrote about me. Thanks Sweetheart!

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michellekarren said...

What a lovely gift Kelly! Mickey is a gem! As Grandma says "That kid never misses a beat."