Wednesday, February 4, 2009


There are two family weddings in the works for this summer.  Weddings have been a subject of discussion by everyone here, even the kids.  Yesterday while I was driving home from picking up Meg after choir a conversation started.  From the sound of things the girls have been thinking about the weddings a lot.  Meg was questioning me on who was going to be the flower girl for the weddings.  Since she has experience in this department I think she felt a little more qualified than anyone else.  I explained that only one wedding would have a flower girl if the couple wanted it.  The other wedding would be at the temple so there was no need.  Then Mat piped in saying she would like to be a flower girl too.  The discussion continued amongst themselves for a few minutes.  I'm sure they were both trying to figure out a way of beating the other out to be picked as the flower girl.  Then I was asked by Meg how the people for the wedding were chosen.  I explained that the bride and groom picked the groomsmen and bridesmaids to stand along side them.  Then "Who can be a bridesmaid?  Can it be an older niece?"  I tried to keep my giggle to a minimum and answered that it was usually a woman who was close to the bride, i.e. a sister, cousin, good friend,...  She said "Oh."  That kind of finished off the conversation since we were home and homework had to get started.  I'm sure they are still scheming.

Then today my brother that's getting married chatted with Mickey on line and asked if Kade would want to be the ring bearer.  He said "No.  I'd rather be something else.  I don't have any stuff to dress up.  I don't have a thing to hold."  Don't let the girls know that that position is open they might start scheming for that one too.

I'm afraid that both of the girls will be a little disappointed but I think they'll live.  I'm sure we'll find something for them to do.  If not I'll give them extra stuff to throw at the brides and grooms.

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