Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well it has been quite some time since we lasted posted to the blog.  A combination of being rather busy, not having a desire to blog, and the introduction of Facebook being the key factors.  This post will try and quickly catch you up on what has been happening over the last month and a half.  I don't guarantee it's completeness.

The last week of February had a couple of events.  Megan participated in her first Science Fair.  Together her and I made a device that tested your nerves.  Remember the game Operation?  The goal was to guide a small loop over the wire track without touching it.  She got a third prize ribbon but I think it was more rewarding to see her classmates flocking to her exhibit because it was hands on.

Testing Her Project

The following weekend I had the opportunity to go snowboarding for the first time.  Chris, Amanda's fiancee, is a huge fan and so we took him to Swiss Valley where we learned that it looks much easier than it really is.  Everyone around me was on pins and needles since I tend to overdo myself when it comes to sporting activities (come on really?).  I think I did push myself just a little too far, as evident by the fact that I still can't do sit ups thanks to a very sore tailbone, but I'm glad I tried it.

Total Style

Looking for yet another thing to occupy my time, I found a really cool puzzle while shopping one day at Target.  It was a 38" x 26" 2000 piece puzzle depicting The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.  I worked on it at night but mostly on Sunday afternoons and it really didn't take as long as I thought it might.  I had it custom framed at Michaels (that hurt the pocketbook, even with a coupon) and I just picked it up.  It looks amazing but is quite large.

The last piece

Megan and I walked in the St. Patrick's Day parade.  We walked with a group of people from my work, supporting a little girl who is need of a kidney transplant.  We handed out beads as we walked along the route, which was actually a pretty tough job considering there were not enough beads to hand out to everyone.  It was a nice sunny day and it was for a good cause.


Kelly's business has been booming, keeping her very busy.  She will have to post the pictures as I would not have any idea how to label them, except for they all look spectacular and everyone loves them when she delivers them.

Mattey has been participating in a math study at Notre Dame.  They are studying how children learn math.  She has really been enjoying it, which is nice to see her having fun while learning.

Kelly and I made two more trips to the Morris Performing Arts Center.  Once to see and listen to the South Bend Symphony Orchestra perform Photochoreography, an art form of displaying large images while the orchestra played music.  That one was a little slow for me, but I had also worked outside all day installing a new basketball hoop.  Our next trip was just Saturday night and it was far more entertaining (to me anyway).  We saw STOMP.  An awesome show filled with rhythm and sounds made from all sorts of pieces of stuff.  It was extremely entertaining.

Kade's big event just happened today.  He turned 4.  I have all the pictures posted and promise to blog about that shortly.  Now does someone want to do my calculus for me, so I can blog more?