Friday, June 26, 2009

Crafty Projects

I've done a few projects/orders in the past couple months.  Thought I'd share pictures.

Invite copy Invite Inside

This is the wedding invitation I made for my brother and his fiancee.  I made 80!  What was I thinking when I offered?  I don't know but they got done and I've gotten a lot of compliments on them.

St. Patrick's Day Treat

These are little treat bags I made for St. Patrick's Day.  I spent a fortune on the m&ms buying the two greens separately.  Oh well.  They turned out really cute.

Outside Inside

This Fresh bag was an order.  I think it turned out really nice.  I love that main fabric.  Sadly I can't get anymore of it.  I had wanted to make a skirt for myself out of it.  Next time I know to buy a few yards of the fabrics I like.

Eye Glass Cases

These eye glass cases were a request from a former neighbor.  I had to make 10!  I think I'm going to come up with a different design that could hold a small or large pair of glasses.

X-Large Scripture Tote

That same lady wanted the scripture tote but in an X-Large size.  It ended up being about 12" X 11" X 3".

Small Bucket Bag

This was another order.  I added the ribbon and loved the way it turned out.

Mom Bag

The small Mom bag is popular.  My cousin ordered this one.


My brother ordered this for his fiancee.  Love the Lila Tueller fabrics, Woodland Bloom.


This was a wild Modern bag.  The inside is a very BRIGHT lime green.

Mom Bag

I made this Mom bag for our piano teacher.  She loved it.  And she's been showing it off and I got another order.  Thanks Shanda.

Wallet Wallet Inside

I was asked to make a little wallet/change purse.  It has two little pockets for cards and then a bigger open pocket for money.  I tried a few designs but this is the one that I got to work.  I plan to work out the kinks in the other patterns but I don't know when I'll get to it.

Fresh This was my most recent order.  I didn't think black and white would really look summery but they do.  It's lined in the yellow from the wallet above.  You can't really see it but I used a yellow thread for the top stitching.  It looked nice.

Brown Apron Pink Apron

I know these aprons needed a model or something but I was in a hurry.  I made these for bridal shower gifts.  I found a great little pattern and used up some fabric I had laying around.  Now I have to make one of these aprons for myself.  Hmm...what color do I want?  And at the shower I had a few people say they wanted one too.  I may get busy again.


becca said...

Im so glad to see some more projects of yours. Love the idea of the yellow lining on that b&w bag. I still want one. the aprons are very cute too! Let me know if you want me to work up some business cards lady. seriously. New mockups if you want. Oh, and remind me sometime to show you my sunglass case. It works for various sized shades and is fabric.

BettyS said...

Kelly these projects are just darling. I love the way you combine fabrics and colors. You surely have a gift and your talent is amazing!

Janel said...

Holy smokes, Kelly. Way to get going on your dream. Do you have a website yet?

Kelly said...

My website is not up and running yet...I have to find a way to motivate my web designer. He just pointed out that it's open on our desktop so it looks like he was thinking about it. Thanks for asking. I haven't pushed because I knew it would be hard to "work" during the summer with all 3 kids home. Maybe it will be done by August?

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