Thursday, June 25, 2009

Favorite Music

A few months ago I somehow stumbled across a highly talented composer I had never heard of, which isn't weird since I get so wrapped up in my own little world.  After listening to a few of his songs I just had to buy an album, "First Love".  And then another, "From the Yellow Room", and now I'm ready for another one or two.  I listen to his music ALL the time, driving the kids nuts.  (I'm all about payback.)

Are you curious as to who I'm talking about?  His name is Yiruma.

I'm not really "in the know" with the music world but I thought all classical composers were dead.  Yes, I'm that ignorant.  I'm also not a huge fan of classical - I'm very picky about what I like - but this is a totally different kind of classical, light and lovely.  Even Mickey listens to it.  I've found some of Yiruma's sheet music so I can play these lovely songs on the piano.

Here are some of my favorites:

River Flows In You

Kiss the Rain

Time Forgets

Passing By

It's Your Day


Love Me

Actually most of them are my favorites but I can't list all the songs I have.  Go out and find them yourself.


becca said...

ooh these are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the links. I am in here listening to the nice music while my kids fight and yell. ahhh... serenity...

Kelly said...

I totally use it to relax and that's why I play it all the time. Amanda played one album as dinner music at her reception. I'd been a little stressed and when I could hear it I started to relax.

Standiford Family » Blog Archive » Performing said...

[...] was so happy to be finished and proud of myself for playing.  I played one of my favorite songs by Yiruma, “Kiss the Rain”.  The funny thing is that the weather cooperated with light rain. [...]