Monday, June 29, 2009

Mattey's 8!

The birthday day girl

May 21st was Mattey's birthday.  She got to open a few presents from us and later had cup cakes.

New earrings Another webkinz & outfit

A Microphone Blowing with all she's got

She took cup cakes to school, the last day of school that is.  Mickey met her there for a birthday lunch.

The next day she had a few friends from school over for a party.  They were a fun bunch but none of them had a very long attention span.  At their pretend sleep over they ate pizza, did a craft, painted their nails, sang songs, and played hide and seek.  Mattey got even more Webkinz.  Lucky girl.

Dinner The craftThe Happy Girl More webkinz Doing nails Making music


kellymear said...

Happy Birthday Mattey! And Congrats on the baptism. . . wow, I can't believe all my sunbeams are getting batpized now!!!

I love how "thrilled" she looks about those earrings. ha!

Janel said...

A pretend sleep over? What a great idea! And who wouldn't love to do crafts with Kelly's awesome stuff?

becca said...

Happy Birthday Mattey!!