Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Treasure Hunting

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This morning Kade was downstairs playing.  I guess he really got into whatever role he was playing.  He came up crying and told me he had a Lego stuck up his nose.

"How did that happen?" I asked.

"I don't know," he replied.

What?!  How can he not know how a Lego got up his nose?  I realized he's only four and went with it.  I got the flashlight and looked up his nose thinking he could blow it out or I could dig it out with the tweezers.  I couldn't even see the thing.  I asked what color it was.  He told me it was red and it was a jewel.  Great.  He's hiding treasure.  Not the best place but really no one would think to look there.

I called Mickey at work and told him what was going on.  I then called the family doctor.  They suggested that we go to the ER.  That sounded like a lot of fun.  Me and three not so calm kids sitting in the ER for hours just waiting to be seen.  Then Mickey called me back.  His office mate had given him the suggestion of calling our ENT.  That was a much better idea.  Mickey decided to meet us there.  I think he wanted to get out of his 10 o'clock meeting.

We saw this doctor one time before (about Kade's ears that don't like to drain).  He's great.  He came in to go treasure hunting.  In just about one minute he had the red jewel out.

The Treasure

After getting a little lecture about not putting things in our nose or ears Kade and the girls were given a sucker and sticker.  I really hope we never have to experience this again.  Not that it was really bad, the crying was finished in about 5 minutes.  But I hope they all are old enough to know better.  You'd think.


Janel said...

Welcome back to blogging--yey! I'm so sorry about the treasure hunting experience. Once my sister put a chunk of carrot up her nose (from mixed veggies), and my dad acted as surgeon. I think she's still traumatized! Good idea about the ENT.

Jilsyt said...

Oh, this reminds me of when Zac smashed black beans (cooked) up his nose. Yuck.

What an adventure you had!

becca said...

so it took a bejeweled nostril to get you guys to blog again. go kade. Sooo funny! I think the ENT was a great suggestion! How exactly did one ENT go about getting the sparkling diamond out? telescopic lense? I need details. Im weird.

kellymear said...

I'm with Becca- I want more details! How'd he get it out?

Kelly said...

You know I can't really tell how the Lego was extracted. The doctor was blocking my view. He must have wanted to keep the procedure secret. I believe he just used a little grabbing tool and his otoscope (to see what he was doing). Seriously it was out before I knew it. Kade didn't fuss at all. I was really hoping for more of a traumatic removal so he wouldn't do it again. But on the other hand I'm glad he didn't have to be put to sleep.

becca said...

hmm... secret procedure, interesting. I guess it is good that it wasnt more serious. :)