Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Flap

While at my brother's reception my mom was showing off the bag I made for her.  I walked up to say goodbye and she showed off the one I was carrying.  Then my sister-in-law came by with hers.  Needless to say I left the party with an order.  I had to rush a little since my great aunt is leaving town (going home) this weekend.  (I don't know why but I'm having a hard time focusing on sewing with the kids home.  Can't wait for school to start.)  Her criteria were black and white and add some red if I could.  I think I did good.  Here it is.

Black & white damask flap

Black & white damask inside

What do you think?  I got extra of this black and white damask to make a bag for myself.  I love it!  I'll be using pink for the lining though.  I also found a brown damask.  I have plans to make a couple different bags with that.  I'll be sure to post them when I'm done.  Next week I'll be working on a scripture tote for Mat and a messenger bag for Meg.  They've been waiting patiently for me to get around to it.  I hope I can get both done next week.  I might have to ship them off somewhere to get some work done though.


BettyS said...

You know I love that purse - all the right colors, red, black and white! It's darling! Good job!

Kelly said...

I figured you'd like it.

Janel said...

I don't even know what a damask is, but the bag is so cute!

Kelly said...

If I'm not mistaken damask is the print on the fabric.

tlambourne said...

Hey . . I am Jessica Lambourne's cousin and I have always raved about the bad you made for her. ADORABLE!!

I was wondering if you could make me an "overnight bag" for my daughter for her 1st birthday coming up. I think I'm also interested in the apron and coin purse that I saw pictures of. Can you email me at to give me all the details?

Jessica emailed me this blog and I was trying to just find your email address to write you but to no avail . . Sorry I have to post this for the world to see.

Thank you. I'm am looking forward to becoming the owner of one of your fantastic pieces of art! : )

tlambourne said...

uh . . .BAG