Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fourth of July

I thought I had better get this posted before it's August.  For the 4th we went for dinner and fireworks at Mickey's aunt and uncle's house.  They had a ton of family visiting.  We had fun.  There was LOTS of food and people to chat with.  The house is on a lake and has a great yard.  There were games and water activities.  I spent the evening hanging out with two girls (17 & 18).  I felt so young.  Here's a few pictures.

Meg playing with the neighbors dog

Meg playing with the neighbor's dog.

Reach for it

Kade playing frisbee with Tia.

Out in the paddle boat

Meg and Abby in the paddle boat.

Taking a break from fishing

Mattey and her daisy dukes.  She was having fun on the dock.

the boys going for a ride

Mickey and Kade in the paddle boat.

Meg with her catch

Meg with one of her catches of the night.

Mickey caught one

Mickey with his one catch.

Mat and her catch

Mat with her little fish.

Meg & Abby watching fireworks

Abby and Meg watching fireworks.

Kade & Mickey

Kade and Mickey snuggled up watching fireworks.

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