Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Lost Sheet

I am the self-proclaimed "Finder of all Things Lost" at our house.  I can always find things when the kids can't.   I guess it doesn't work when I'm the one loosing things.

I washed our sheets today.  When the dryer beeped I got them out (okay, I had to fluff them because I didn't get them out on the first cycle) and took them to our room to make the bed.  I was short one pillowcase.  Huh?  I retraced my steps through the house and down the stairs to the laundry room.  I didn't see it anywhere.  The duvet cover was in the dryer at the time (I had washed them all together but it's too much for the dryer to handle) and I thought the pillowcase might have gotten wrapped up in that.  I pulled that out later and still no sign of it.  I looked everywhere again and felt all over the bed to make sure it's not stuck somewhere.  Still can't find it.

I've been wanting a new set of sheets lately.  Maybe this will help me spend the money.  I know I can just go buy a pillowcase but it won't match.  I'm weird that way.

Have you ever lost anything weird?

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