Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Naughty Kade

On May 21st, Mat's birthday, Kade got into some serious trouble.  I suppose with Mattey getting all the attention he had to do something to get some for himself.  He came running out of the bathroom proudly saying he had cut his own hair.  His words were "I wanted it shorter."  We were a little shocked because this is something he's not done before.  I went in the bathroom and this is what I found.

Hair and scissors

Someone had left scissors laying around.  I won't say who but she so knows better.

It took a while for me to find the holes in his hair but once I started seeing them I found more and more.

Kade with bald patches

There were a lot of bald spots.  (Luckily they were kind of filled in for the first wedding.  And totally grown out by the second one.)  He was told most severely never to do that again.  That only grown-ups cut hair.  He did question me about me cutting my hair.  Again I said I'm a grown-up, I'm allowed and I know what I'm doing.  I hope he never does it again.  I really don't want to buzz his head.

Later that same day Kade came out of the bathroom again looking like this.

Way too much lotion

He said he needed some lotion.  Do you think he got enough?  I didn't want to let him in the bathroom after that.  Not that it was that bad but who knows what he would have done next.  After sharing some lotion with me and Mickey he was told to only get a little bit.  He knew better but like I said he wanted attention.  He got it that day.  I'm glad he doesn't behave like that a lot.  He's been a lot ornerier the last few weeks.  I think he's ready to rule the kingdom by himself and have the girls back in school.

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