Monday, July 27, 2009

Tye Dying

Last month the kids and I got together with my sister-in-law and her kids and we tie dyed.  I forgot to take the camera.  That's kind of the theme for this summer.  Anyway, my sister-in-law took her kids to get a group portrait done.  It turned out way cute.  Mickey has been saying for a while that we need to get one done too.  So I decided we all needed a tie dyed shirt for the occasion.  So tonight that's what we did for our family home evening activity.  Being the control freak that I am, I wanted to do everyone's shirt so they would be similar and look good.  But the small part of me that's actually nice let the kids do their own.  Mickey was curious as to how the process works.  Here's what we did.

Step one:  Buy a tie dye kit or a few colors of dye.  We got the Tulip brand from JoAnn.  It's colors are very vibrant.  Buy or find a light colored or white piece of cotton clothing.  Wash and dry it without fabric softener.

Step two:  Shape the shirt or whatever is being dyed into a design you want.  The instructions in the kit will give you some ideas.  We did the spiral design.  The one on the right is a pillow case that will have spots.

Before I Before II

Step three:  Get the shirt wet and squeeze out the excess water.

Getting it wet

Step four:  Put on gloves or your hands will look like this (or worse):

Died Hand

Step five:  Put your shirt on a protected surface (we put out large pieces of paper in the grass), put on something to protect your clothing, and start squirting on the dye.  Sometimes parental supervision is required.

Getting some help from Mom

This needs a little yellow Pink is nice Should this color go here?

Mickey having a turn

Keep adding color until you think you're done.

Artist at work Adding more colors Now for the pillowcase

Finished...she managed to get some on her lip After I After II

Step six:  When you're finished place shirt in a plastic bag to sit over night.

All bagged up

We are waiting for the next steps.  Cutting the rubber bands and letting the shirts dry.  Then I hose off the shirts outside until the water runs clean.  Then I wash the shirts in the washer.  After they're out of the dryer they are ready to wear.

I'll post the pictures of our artistic shirts when they are done.  For any one that's ambitious my sister-in-law, after seeing Meg and Mat's pillowcases, is going to do sheet sets next year.  I think that would be fun.

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Janel said...

You say you dislike summer, Kelly, but you seem to be giving your kids the time of their lives with all your fun craft ideas and sewing projects.