Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Movies

The other night Kelly and I were watching a movie and after it was over, the screen was left displaying a list of movies. One of them happened to be the Happy Birthday video the kids and I made two tears ago when Kelly was in Utah. We watched it a couple of times and just died laughing. I wanted to put up a post today, with that video linked, so that we could all relive the fun. I was thinking about doing this as a surprise for Kelly, but of course before I could get it done she had the same idea. Urrrr!


Then while Kelly was opening presents today, Kade said he wanted to sing a birthday song for mom. He sat down and provided us with the next, in his series, of birthday movies.


becca said...

wow I remember that first video from when Kelly went to Utah, that was two years ago? yikes. time flies when you are growing older. :) And that includes me.

Janel said...

You mean your kids aren't still exactly the same as in the first movie? I still think they are...that time has frozen since 2007! (I love Meg's little edgey "Kelly" instead of Mom!)