Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Birthday Lists

If you want to know, my 31st ;-) birthday is Saturday.  I've had to come up with a few things to make up a list to give Mickey so he could take the kids shopping.  After thinking about it for a while I've come up with three different lists.  Here they are.

The Realistic List:

Enchanted Orchid body butter and body wash

The Host

A metronome

More Yiruma albums

A Jack Russel webkinz (since I can't have a real one)

A sewing book

The Un-Realistic List:

A new piano

A Ford Edge (preferably hybrid but I don't know if it comes that way yet)

A new house (I have no link for this since I'm still searching)

The Un-Realistic and Vain List:

A tummy tuck

A breast reduction

A few moles removed

Lasik eye surgery

So there are my lists.  I think the first one is covered.  If anyone would like to donate to a fund for one of the other items let me know.  I take cash or checks made out to me.


michellekarren said...

Well, I don't see the problem with your unrealiistic and vain list! Really you deserve all of it, although I think you are looking great.

kellymear said...

You forgot one: "Trip to AZ to visit Mears and play some Canasta Caliente." Mickey and the kids could come too. That's realistic, right?

becca said...

LOL, this is such a great list of lists Kelly! I hope all your birthday wishes have come true! Have a great day today! Happy Birthday!