Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hearing vs. Listening

Last month I took Kade to see the ENT.  We saw the doctor about 7 months ago for his "chronic" ear infections. We decided to wait through the summer to see if the fluid would drain and then talk tubes in the fall.  Before going in I was SO sure that Kade would be getting tubes.  His hearing seemed to be getting worse.  And he was starting to pronounce some words wrong that he used to say correctly.  Mickey agreed with my assessment.  At the appt. Kade's ears were checked out and he had a hearing test.  I could not believe it when the doctor said there was NO fluid in his ears and his hearing test results were great.  That made me wonder why Kade hasn't been listening to me if he could actually hear me.  I think it goes along with his horrific year of being 4.

If only the doctor could find a cure for selective hearing.  He would be rich!

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Mickey Standiford said...

Huh, what did you say? That was a shocker to find out his ears were clear. Then to top it off he got sick the next week and we both thought, "Here comes the ear infection." Luckily he didn't get one and now his cough is gone.