Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Creations

I haven't done too much sewing lately but there have been a few things that I haven't posted yet that I wanted to.  In August I made this Mom Bag.  I also included a changing pad.  The customer said it was too pretty to use.

Mom Bag Brown & Blue

Side View Inside Mom Bag

Changing Pad I Changing Pad II

Sometime at the end of summer I finally got around to making Meg's messenger bag.  She only gave me the order months ago.  I took her fabric shopping and asked her what she wanted.  I guess she is a bit like me in knowing what details she wanted the bag to have.  This was the first time I used a zipper.  I survived the process and have decided they aren't that hard to deal with.

IMG_1571 IMG_1572 IMG_1573

Next was Mattey's scripture case.  I also took her out shopping and she decided on something and then when I was making it she didn't want the fabric anymore.  (That's so her.)  I think it turned out cute and she does like it, now.


Mickey's office mate ordered a bag for his wife for their anniversary.  He knew exactly what he wanted.  I told him I had to make a few differences since all my bags are unique.  I made it better.  I quilted with blue thread and added some ribbon.  I like it better than mine.  He wanted it to be a knitting bag so I put in a few slots for needles and a flap on one of the pockets.  His wife told me it's too pretty to use.  It's sitting on a table so she can look at it.

IMG_6439 IMG_6440

And here's my latest creation.  I've been seeing patchwork bags around and thought I'd give it a try.  I also wanted to try another zipper.  (That took a while to figure out since I didn't have a pattern telling me how to do it.)  I love this fabric by Lila Tueller and had to make something for myself with it.  I made an "invisible" outside pocket and inside is a cell phone pocket.

IMG_1565 IMG_1567 IMG_1569


Janel said...

Those are unbelievable. So beautiful. Do you have a quilting machine?

Kelly said...

I don't have a quilting machine, just a heavy duty Singer. It came with a great attachment to quilt in circles but I haven't used it yet. I might have to try it soon.

john-n-jess said...

These bags are awesome! I LOVE to sew and I am so very envious of your skills! We have to get together so you can give me some pointers. I've always wanted to make a bag that has some complexity to it. So seriously, I'm thinking lunch date!

becca said...

these are all so good! I like what you did with Lila's fabrics. Beautiful!!

That blue and black is an awesome combo too.