Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Night Wrestling

This evening began like any other Sunday evening.  We had dinner.  I mean breakfast for dinner.  We read our scriptures together.  We played a game together.  We had family prayer.  And then Kade wanted to wrestle.  The most surprising part may be, for you not me, that Kade wanted to wrestle me, his mother.  We've done this a few times in the last week or so.  I let him think he's got me pinned only to flip him over and pin him.  He doesn't like it when I tickle.  I guess that's not allowed, along with fake biting/eating, but kissing him is.  Back to the story, Kade jumped me as soon as we said amen.  The game was on.  We went a few rounds before he moved on to Mickey.  I just couldn't resist tickling him.  I guess he had enough.  When Kade moved to Mickey the girls decided to join in too.  I ran to get the camera thankful Mickey hadn't gotten to it first.

Sunday Night Wrestling

Here are the kids trying to take Mickey down.  I'm not bragging or anything but I got Mickey down in one move.  I went for his weak spot.  The ticklish one under his arms.  He,he,he.  He said I cheated.  I don't agree.

Can you believe it?  Here it is, January 31st and I've made it through the first month of blogging everyday.  I really didn't know if I could do it.  There have been some days that I've regretted my goal but I pushed through that regret and found something to shoot and write about.  I'm glad February is a short month.  Then it will be March before you know it and Spring will be here soon.  Yes!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Half Bath

Almost a year and a half ago I posted a sneak peek about our half bathroom we put in downstairs.  Today it finally got the finishing touch so I thought I'd share a picture of it.  The light, although good for a bathroom, is not necessarily good for taking a picture.  The green got a little weird at the top.  Check the sneak peek for the true color.  Love it!

half bath

(This is the view while sitting on a closed or open toilet.)  The finishing touch is the shadow boxes we hung up.  I also finished painting the pocket door.  Earlier this week Mickey installed the trim, which is white.  I really love the way this bathroom turned out.  And it's also a huge convenience when someone takes forever (at least 30 minutes) in the other bathroom because she's taken her ds in with her.  I won't name names but she is no longer allowed to have the ds in the bathroom.  By the way, it's not me.  I don't have a ds.  That leaves two guesses left.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sweets and other Junk


This is what I was ready to chow on while we watched "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" tonight.  We moved the good tv out of the living room and into the basement so now we can eat while we watch.  (We have a no food, drink, or shoe policy in the living room.  I know, I'm so mean.)  I wasn't really planning on celebrating our movie snacking freedom with all this junk food but that's what happens when the person doing the shopping is craving junk food.  The kids and Mickey all saw the junk food but no one even mentioned it while the movie played.  I guess we were all too full after eating the home-made pizza we had for dinner.  I guess I have something for a midnight snack now.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Playing with Tio

This afternoon (Uncle/Tio) Chris came over to help Mickey with a few things.  He ended up hanging out for a while before we all went to Meg's basketball jamboree.  They had fun playing Super Mario Brothers Wii.

Playing with Tio

Not sure why Kade's tongue is sticking out.  Mattey's being her lovey self.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Special Guest

Mickey was/is going to do the POTD but he may be getting in late and may not have internet access where he'll be.  So he will post his whenever he can.  Since he might not post until tomorrow I will post a random thing from today.

Yesterday a note came home with Kade from his teacher reminding up that today was Teddy Bear Picnic day.  We brought Kade's friend home and when his mom picked him up we talked about it.  This morning I saw the paper on the counter.  We got to school and everyone is pulling out their bear, or whatever animal they brought, and Kade pulls out....nothing.  I totally forgot.  What a bad mother I am.  Really it's what a bad memory I have.  The teacher said he could borrow one of theirs but Kade wasn't having it.  To make up for my forgetfulness I ran home to get Big Bear.  I even dressed him in some of Kade's jammies.

January 27th

From what I hear Big Bear and Kade had a fun picnic with all the other kids and animals.  It really is an honor being a special guest at Kade's preschool.  I'm thinking of helping out next month on pajama and pancake day.  I can even wear my jammies while I'm flipping the pancakes.  Sounds like fun to me.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Night with Nana & Papa

Tonight Mickey and I went to visit my grandma again.  This time the kids stayed with my parents.  They had dinner with them.  My brother, B, stopped by.  He must have smelled the beef and noodles from his house.  It's one of his favorites.  While eating, Kade looked behind him at all of us "kids" in our senior pictures.  He said, "That's my mom.  She has big hair."  This made everyone crack up.  (Yes, I did have big hair at 17 and for a while after that.  It was long, thick, and curly, not teased out like in the 80's.  Now it's just short and big, more afro like.)  The kids always find something to do at Nana and Papa's house.  When we came back to get them they were putting puzzles together and the legos had been out.

January 26thAnd of course Nana let them all have a can of pop.  That's something we regard as a rare treat in our house.  They get plenty of sugar from other things.  An example can be found in the post below.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Nights = FHE

On Monday nights we spend time together as a family.  Not that we don't on other nights but on Mondays it's more organized.  We have family home evening.  We rotate through the jobs so we all get a turn.  This also allows the kids to learn how to be responsible for their part of the night, at least I hope that's true.  Tonight Megan conducted the meeting and family business.  I had the opening song.  Mickey had scripture and prayer.  Kade gave a good lesson on letting Jesus into our lives.  I planned the activity, skip bo.  And Mattey provided the treat.  The activity and treat are the most coveted jobs.  Mattey was excited it was her turn for treat.  First she thought we'd go to Krispy Kreme and get a doughnut.  But we later had to run to the store for bread and she saw what she REALLY wanted.  Zebra cakes!  Here she is enjoying hers.

Zebra Cakes

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Warm Blooded Red Heads

Mattey & Kade seem to have warmer blood than the rest of us.  Maybe it's the red hair?  During the winter they can wear summer clothing and not be cold.  I get cold just looking at all the exposed skin.  This afternoon they had to put on their "diving" suits.  They found some floaties in the basement and blew them up.  They were pretending to go to the beach.  They completed the pretend by putting on "Lilo & Stitch" which takes place in Hawaii.  (Ahh...Hawaii.  Sunshine.  Warm weather.)  At least in the basement I don't have to lather them up with SPF 50 or vacuum up a lot of sand that gets tracked into the house.

Beach Bums?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Reminiscing and the Copycat

For our family date tonight, we went to my Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Kelly made chicken fajitas for dinner.  We brought all the fixings for dinner, including a very good cinnamon swirl creme cake that we picked up from Walmart on the way.  I wondered what my grandparents were going to think of the dinner.  I think they were a bit skeptical as we told them how to prepare the fajita.

They were very much into reminiscing tonight.  My Grandpa started by telling us that his last war buddy passed away before Christmas.  He told us a couple different war stories and then talked about the reunions they had with his army buddies, including a trip they took overseas where they visited all the different places he had served.  I had heard a few of these stories before but it's always interesting to listen to him talk about the war and what he saw.  At one point tonight I saw a few tears run down his cheek.  I have always appreciated the fact and been proud that he helped protect this free country we all enjoy.

My Grandma joined in tonight by telling us all about what she did while my Grandpa was away.  Oh yeah, this all started because she was telling us how they just celebrated their 68th anniversary.  That is amazing but what is even more amazing is that they never even saw each other for 38 of the first 39 months of marriage.  They went on their honeymoon and when they came back, there was a letter from Uncle Sam calling my Grandpa to war.  Good thing they were such great friends before this happened.  Anyway my Grandma told us how she went to machinery school in South Bend and how she was the first woman hired on the line at some machine shop.  She excelled there and was excited when she got promoted so she could wear a blouse and skirt instead of her denim uniform.  She told us how she made a C clamp using all different sort of machines and how for her final project she made my Grandpa a small ball-peen hammer that he wore on his dog tags.  He said all the guys got a kick out of that.  After dinner, Grandpa said he really enjoyed that meal.  So I guess the fajitas were a hit.

Now for the explanation for the picture of the day.  I went out into my Grandma's kitchen and Kade came over to the cupboard and said, "I want to see what's in here."  Funny thing is, I think he remembered what was in there.  Let's just say there used to be some other little boy who always needed to see what was in that same cupboard.  It's always full of all different kinds of cookies.  So here is the little copycat.

Caught with his hand in the cookie jar

Friday, January 22, 2010

A New Frame

For a while now I've been wanting a picture of the Chicago Temple.   It's where we were married.  I've looked around and couldn't find one I liked.  (Those that get married in the western temples have a lot more options to choose from.  Not fair.)  I put it on my Christmas list but since I couldn't find one did I really think Mickey could?  Well, maybe.  He seems to find a lot more stuff on the web than I can but I didn't get one.  I was going through my scrapbook stuff to weed it out and came across this picture.  I believe we got it when we were married.  We used to have it in a silver frame long ago.  Somehow it had been stored away.  I pulled it out and stuck it in an empty frame and hung it on the wall.  It wasn't grand enough.  I don't know if grand is the right word but I wanted people to notice it.  I was looking at a few home dec things in some stores this week (I could have spent a couple hours in Hobby Lobby) and came across this frame (it's from JoAnn).  I knew I had to get it.  I picked it up today, put the picture in it, and hung it up.  I love the feeling of importance the picture has with it's new frame.  What do you think?

January 22nd

On a side note we continued our Friday tradition of pizza and a movie.  I made home-made.  We all get our own little personal ones because no one likes the same toppings.  This way there's no fighting.  There's always complaining but no fighting.  After dinner we watched G-Force.  I fell asleep about 20 minutes in so I can't tell you how it was.  I did hear a lot of laughing at times.  The reds thought it was hilarious.  Meg said it wasn't as funny to her because she's already seen it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yummy Chicken

I wanted to share a picture of one of my favorite kitchen appliances.  I don't use it that often but when I do I love it.  It's the George Foreman Contact Roaster.  (It looks like it's no longer available but there's something like it, if you're interested.)  We got this several years ago with a Foreman Grill.  Did not like the grill.  We sold the grill and kept the roaster.  The thing I love about it is not the so-so easy clean up but that I can put a chicken in it, set the timer for about 65 minutes, and walk away.  When the timer beeps I know I have delicious falling off the bone chicken.  Sometimes I fancy it up with seasonings or put fruit inside it.  I'd love a good marinade if anyone has one without garlic.  I have learned to put the chicken in breast down and it's even juicier.


Kade came out and said "Yum, my favorite chicken."  He likes the legs because he gets to play around with the bones.  (I usually can't get the leg to come off with the meat intact and if I do the thigh comes along with it.)  He checked out the chicken then said, "I don't see the head."  I told him that the head gets cut off before it goes to the store.  He replied, "Now that is gross."  I had a good giggle.  He's still willing to eat the chicken though.  I cooked early today.  I made corn bread muffins and sweet potato casserole to go with it.  I'll cook some green beans to go with it.  Can't wait for dinner time.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Grandma

Kelly & Grandma

My paternal grandma has been in the hospital for a little while now.  Tonight was the first time we had to go visit her.  Mickey's dad came over to play with the kids while we were gone.  Thanks Mike.  I think she enjoyed having us visit and it gave my mom and dad the night off.

Hope you get to go home soon Grandma.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Normal Day

Not much happened today that I wanted to take a picture of.  Mickey went to work.  The kids went to school.  I finally had some kid free time to look for fabric for an order.  We had dinner and the girls went to activity days at church.  Nothing really stuck out as interesting enough for a picture.  I decided to go with something on my mental list of things I wanted to document.  Our collection of webkinz.

Webkinz Mania

The girls started collecting these things a few years ago and then Kade and I got involved too.  I got the first one because I wanted to be on-line and see what they were doing.  And I'm also their sugar mama, sending them gifts and food and sometimes managing their accounts.  As you can see we have a lot of horses and dogs but only 2 duplicates.  Kade's into the reptile ones.  Out of the 30 pictured can you guess which 3 are mine?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Out With the Old....

...and in with the new.  I'm not referring to the year but our bedroom doors.

January 18th

The new baseboard lead to us deciding we should get new trim for the doors.  Well it started with me thinking that the front door should be trimmed like the window right next to it.  Then looking down the hall we thought it would look nice to change the door trim there since the bathroom was already updated.  Then we thought we really should get new doors too.  Mickey has put in two of the three.  It really lightens up the hall and the bedrooms.  They look SO MUCH better.  It doesn't feel old anymore.  Why didn't we do this five years ago?  The answer is because we were remodeling the bathroom (I thought that link would have pictures but it doesn't, darn) and I was very pregnant (I looked there are no pictures of this, THANK GOODNESS).

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Playing Uno

We try to play games as a family a couple times a week.  Sunday afternoon/evening is a perfect time for that.  Today we played Uno.  Sometimes we get a little bad sportsmanship from a few people.  Today was no exception but after sitting out a round she, who will remain nameless, decided to join in the fun again.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Treat Thief

I was going to blog about sweet teeth (we all have more than one) and whether it was a nature or nurture thing.  I made Rice Krispie Treats tonight for dessert.  We had some of our nieces and nephew over for a while.  I wanted a picture of all the kids together but that wasn't working out so well.  (The kids like to pair off; Megan and Luci, Mattey and Polly, Kade and Joey, and Evie hung out with Mickey or me.)  I decided to shoot the treats.  This is what I got for the second picture.  I couldn't not use it.

Treat Thief

Little Evie reached up for a treat right when I took the picture.  Since she's only 18 months I think we're born with a sweet tooth.

Friday, January 15, 2010



Mattey's school had an assembly for all award winners:  honor roll, perfect attendance, and citizenship.  Mickey, Kade, and I went.  It was a nice little presentation.  Thankfully they only did one grade at a time so we only had to sit through the 3 third grade classes.  Well, after waiting around for 20 minutes while the second grade classes finished up late.

Mattey was presented a certificate for Honor Roll entitling her to a free personal pizza from Papa John's.  She got the pencil for her perfect attendance.  I don't know why she didn't get the citizenship award. After hearing the criteria for getting it and reading her report card I thought she should have won that too.  I might be a little biased though.

Good job, Mat!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

She Shoots, She Scores (Well Not Exactly)

Tonight Megan played in her first basketball game. Her fifth grade team has been practicing for about two weeks and tonight they participated in a jamboree with two other schools. They played a fifteen minute quarter against each of the schools. Megan came off the bench and played quality minutes in each quarter. She did take a couple of shots but didn't get her first basket yet. She did grab a rebound and had the ball in her possession a number of times.

Megan Calling For The Ball

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


20 months after getting carpet we finally have baseboard in the living room and hall.  I know that's how things go but it's so exciting for the living room to look finished.  You know what I mean?

Mickey took the day off work and spent most of the day working on the trim.  He cut the pieces and then I went to paint them only to find we didn't have any paint.  How could that be?  So while I was getting a massage (so nice) the boys went to Menards for a few things including paint.  I got most of the trim painted and then Mickey got to work.  It looks great.  Thanks for your hard work, Babe.

Putting up trim

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Honor Roll

I guess our school corp. has a new policy for report cards.  At the end of the first semester they want the parents to go to the school to pick them up.  This allows the parents to schedule a parent-teacher conference if the parent wants one.  I realize this makes more parents be involved but when you don't need a conference about your children it's a waste of time.  Whatever.

Today was the day for Meg's school.  I stopped by after lunch to get hers and her teacher, Mr. G., was at the tables handing out the 5th grade ones.  (Meg's class must have been attending a specials class.)  We chatted about Meg a little while I glanced at her grades, all pretty good.  Lots of comments like "pleasure to have in class".  At the very bottom of the paper, I noticed it on the way out, was an asterisks by Honor Roll.  I knew Meg was going to be thrilled.  She had been a little peeved about Mat making it and not her.  (At least it wasn't announced in the classroom like others were.  I don't know if it's because she made it for the grading period and not the semester.  Who knows.)  When I saw that a plan came to mind.  I wanted to get a shot of Meg as we told her she made the Honor Roll.  I called Mickey and told him the plan.  He was in.  Mickey picked her up from basketball practice and I sat her down and Mickey read off her grades.  And oh, what's this?  You made the Honor Roll.  "Really?!" she said.


Mickey and I decided that we needed to celebrate our smart girls.  (They totally get this from me.)  We grabbed a quick dinner while Mickey was playing hero by donating his much needed O- blood.  Then the kids decided to go to Dairy Queen for ice cream.  (Really, I thought.  It's so cold.)  Here's some pictures from the celebration.

Here are Meg's grades:

Orchestra  A  (performance is outstanding)

Reading  A

English  A

Math  B+

Science  B-

Social Studies  A-

P.E.  Pass

Keyboard  Pass

Enrichment  Pass

On a side note, Kade is feeling much better.  He had a bloody nose this morning and was not ready to be up.  This combination was fun.  Luckily Mickey was planning to take the girls this morning so I didn't have to worry about them while I dealt with Kade.  I got him settled on the couch.  His nose had stopped bleeding but he felt like it was going to bleed again.  I let him hold a wet washcloth to it.  He did so for about an hour and after that he seemed to be getting better.  I dozed on the other couch all morning and kept waking to him talking to me.  I would crack my eyes open to find him bouncing around and doing all kinds of stuff sick kids don't do.  I was amazed at his recovery.  He went several hours without needing to wipe or blow his nose!  He is so going to school tomorrow.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Kleenex Anyone?

Evidence Kade's been there

This is what I found beside Kade's bed today.  He was only in his bed from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. last night.  This cold has given him a really runny nose.  Out of nowhere he'll frantically call out "I need a Kleenex!" like he's going to die if he doesn't get one.  He's gone through three boxes in the last two days.  (Good thing I'd stocked up.)  They weren't full but about 3/4 of the way.  He only uses a Kleenex for one wipe or blow and then drops it on the floor next to him.  He'll then need another one about 30-45 seconds later.  While watching TV he puts a box next to him and then we put a small trash can by him so he's not littering his germs.  I really hope his nose stops soon.  We don't have that many boxes left.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Traditions

For the past several years we've had cinnamon rolls on Sunday mornings.  They weren't home made.  (That's one thing I haven't mastered yet.)  Pillsbury made them.  But still we had cinn rolls, as we called them.  In the middle of last year Mickey had to start going to church early for his calling so he missed out on the treat before church.  We did save him some for later.  I started to not eat them because how do you divide up 8 rolls between 5 people who all want 2?  This year I thought we could start having muffins instead.  I can make them the night before and Mickey can have his before he leaves.  Last night I made blueberry.  I don't really like the mix I used.  I think Duncan Hines has a good one I'll use next time.  The kids are requesting lemon poppy seed for next week.  I'm sure that's what we'll have.

January 10th

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Boys Being Boys

Every Saturday Mickey takes one of us on a date.  On the fifth Saturday it's a family date.  Today was Mattey's turn but she was going skating with Grandpa so she let Kade go in her place.  Kade got a Target gift card for Christmas.  He's been waiting to use it.  I'm betting you can guess where they went.  To Target.  While there he picked up a set of Toy Story Legos and decided to put back an ImagiNext Batman to get a DS game, Monster Jam.  Doesn't that just scream boy?  (Well, you kind of have to see the cover so click the link.)  After Target the boys stopped by Menards to get some trim for the living room.  Then stopped for lunch at McDonald's.

This afternoon as I was wondering what I was going to shoot for the POTD (picture of the day) and found the boys like this.

Boys Playing DS

Kade has a cold or something, possibly an ear infection.  Notice the redness under his nose from all the dripping and wiping.

Since the boys did their thing I thought us girls should do something so I took the girls out shopping.  (It sounds more fun than it was.)  Meg was in serious need of church clothes.  We found some.  Mattey needed to replace a few things from Christmas she didn't like.  She got them.  After getting both of the girls' glasses fixed I stumbled on a major clearance at JC Penney and left with two skirts and three sweaters for $56.  That's a deal when each sweater was $50!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Good Student

Report Card

Today I had to go pick up Mattey's report card.  I was very proud of her when I looked it over.  She made the Honor Roll.

Here's her grades:

Reading  A-

Language Arts  B+

Spelling  A

Mathematics  A

Science & Health  A-

Social Studies  B

Art  A-

Music  A

P.E.  A-

I couldn't believe she got an Outstanding in "Listens attentively, follows directions" and "Stays on task".  I had to wonder if the teacher got that right.  I asked Mat about it and she said at school they have card changes.  Meaning if she doesn't listen her card changes color and when it gets to blue you get into big trouble.  I'm glad she doesn't want to get in trouble and behaves well for her teacher.  Maybe it's time to implement the colored cards at home.  I'll have to think about that one.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shopping at Sam's

This is something we do at least twice a month.  There are several things we buy on a regular basis.  Some of them are in the cart below.  Honey Maid graham crackers, Kraft Mexican shredded cheese, Tyson chicken breasts, ham and turkey lunchmeat, and fruity mentos.  Mickey called me this morning and said he didn't have any candy in the office so I got him some jelly beans and skittles.

Shopping at Sam's

Today they were giving away a cute little boy when you bought a chocolate shake.  I just had to have a shake so I got a cute red headed boy.  And he is so sweet.  He shared the shake with me.

The one thing not yet in the cart is the find of the day.  We went down the clearance Christmas aisle and Kade spied the last Handy Manny fix-it Motorcycle.  He couldn't leave the store without it.  He decided he would use some Christmas money to buy it.  You can't beat $15 when it's about $33 on Amazon.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One thing leads to another

Today's to do list was to go grocery shopping, organize the pantry, clean the bathrooms, and get some sewing in.  That's quite a demanding list even with being free until 2.  I put off the groceries until tomorrow when Kade can go with me.  (I feel less guilty buying a chocolate shake and pretzel at Sam's when he's with me and he can help me bag at Meijer.)  I started on the pantry right after I got back from taking Kade to school.  This totally goes with my goal of keeping life simple although getting there wasn't.  Being organized makes my life simple.  Everything in it's place.  I just wish I could get three little people to follow my organization.

By the time the pantry was empty two counters and our table were covered with stuff.  I also had two bags of trash.  Can you believe that?!  There were some stale items, three old lunch boxes, a can of oranges that expired in 2006 (oops), some never used art supplies, and about 30 cans of hard play-do.  Don't feel bad for the kids they still have about 20 left. After I had everything out I decided to wipe the shelves down because that's just what you do when they're sticky.  Then I looked at the walls.  They hadn't been painted for 8 years and they had all the marks to prove it.  This lead to me taking the shelves out and scrubbing the walls.  Nothing came off because it's flat paint.  So that lead to me painting the pantry.  I got two coats on (semi-gloss this time) and since I already had the paint out that lead to painting the other doors in the kitchen.  I got one done besides the pantry door but I'm waiting to do the other two after the kids are in bed.  Which will be soon.  I had to wait for Mickey to help me put the shelves back in because they are difficult.  (I later realized I should have just left them in.  Mickey would have been happier if I had.)

I put everything that was left back in the pantry.  (I did put a few things in a storage bin since we hardly ever use them.)  I couldn't believe it.  There is a ton of space available.  I'll have to find something else to put in there.

So today's pictures, yes two, are a before and after of the pantry.  I think my hard work deserves to be shown.

Pantry before copy Pantry after copy

The kids are in bed now so the other doors can be painted.  The bathrooms will get put on tomorrow's list.  My back is aching to go to bed.

On a side note:  I listened to Straight No Chaser while cleaning and painting.  The pantry has great acoustics.  I sounded awesome as I sang along.  I love their version of I'm Yours.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One of my Favorite Things

Mickey making dinner.  It's not usually gourmet but it's always (as Kade says) "eatable".

January 5th copy

Monday, January 4, 2010

Some Extras

I couldn't not post this.  Somehow Mattey talked Kade into giving her a massage on Sunday afternoon.  I had to take some pictures.

IMG_6900 IMG_6901

IMG_6902 IMG_6903

"Do the karate chop."  Now that's brotherly love.

January 4th

Today's is not the best picture but oh well.  I only had about 1 minute to take it.  Is it a coincidence that I woke up with a headache the day the kids go back to school?  I think not.  That's what today's picture is about.  Going back to school not my headache.

Going back to school

They are smiling so I guess going back is a good thing.  I did have to take Meg her violin because she thought it was a B day and not an A day.  After school Kade and I went to the library with our friends Noah and Amy.

Mickey went back to work this morning after plowing off another 5-6 inches.  I'm sure I'll get a shot of that soon since we'll be getting more and more snow.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

9:00 Church!

That's the title of today's picture.  This is our year for going at 9:00 instead of 11:30.  I'm so excited.  We get up, eat, get dressed in the clothes we laid out the night before, and go.  There's no wasting time until 11.  I thought there would be less fighting from the kids but I was totally wrong.  Maybe they just had extra grouchiness this morning because they are getting tired of being around each other all the time.  I included the manual I'm using this year for teaching the youth Sunday School class.  I'm sure I'll learn a lot since the last time the Old Testament was taught I was helping Kade like nursery.

9:00 Church

{I did try to take this picture before leaving but I couldn't get it set up the way I wanted.  Refereeing and taking a picture at the same time is really hard.  (Mickey was already at his meetings before church, otherwise he would have been refereeing.  Actually they probably would have been behaving much better if he were here.) I took this picture after church.  I changed the clock to get the time I tried to take the one earlier.}

Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of the freezing cold afternoon.  Maybe a nice nap snuggled up in bed?  These afternoons will be nice once it's nice outside.  Walks, bike rides, swinging, eating in the fresh air,....sigh.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

We have snow

Today I got an e-mail from a friend.  This is what she said.  "Put on your snowclothes and take a walk; it's lovely out."  I had a good laugh.  Thanks Amy.

Jan. 2nd

For today's photo I decided to do just that, put on my snow gear.  Including sunglasses of course.  I went out in the 19 degree weather to take a few shots of the snow.  I measured, we have 11-1/2 inches.  The sun was shining though (notice the sun and shadows in the background).  That's a rare thing for our winters.  While I've been downstairs the sun has gone behind the clouds and we're getting more snow.  Ugh.  The kids have been enjoying the snow lately.  Here's a few links to building a snowman and tubing.

I'm off to check on the pizza dough.  We're all making our own for dinner tonight.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Keeping It Simple

That is one of my goals for this year.  I'd like to apply that to every aspect of my life.  I do realize that I won't always succeed but if I can simplify half of my life then that's a lot less stress for me.  Sounds good.  Let's see if it works.

In order to simplify the blog and do my family history I'm going to (try to) post a picture everyday with a little something about it.  That actually sounds like more work but how long should it take to post a picture and write a little something?  Not too long.  Last year I was reading Becky Higgins's blog and she was doing this but in scrapbook form (Project 365).  Now she has a product out called Project Life that I'm considering buying.  It has the same simplicity but the nice thing is you could do it daily or weekly or monthly.  Since I'm still on the fence about ordering it I thought I would run with the idea on the blog then if I order it I won't be behind because the work will already by done AND it will make me use the camera everyday.  When there is big news with lots of pictures I will put a link to them for anyone who likes to see pictures of our family.  The interesting thing is that you, our loyal readers, will get a peek into the life of our family that not many people see, such as piles of laundry or dishes, what we had for dinner, what color my nails are painted on a given day (if I forget to take a picture of something more interesting),...I'm sure you get the idea.

So without further ado here's the picture that's starting off the year.

Jan. 1, 2010

We let the kids stay up late last night, after they agreed to taking a nap or at least resting for a while.  I think Kade and I were the only one's that really slept.  We snacked on all kinds of food (the best was the taffy apple pizza), watched Imagine That, and then played The Game of Life.  Before we knew it it was almost midnight.  The kids were very excited about the countdown and the ball dropping.  They really got into blowing the noise makers.  This picture was taken a few minutes into the new year.

Happy New Year everyone!