Saturday, January 9, 2010

Boys Being Boys

Every Saturday Mickey takes one of us on a date.  On the fifth Saturday it's a family date.  Today was Mattey's turn but she was going skating with Grandpa so she let Kade go in her place.  Kade got a Target gift card for Christmas.  He's been waiting to use it.  I'm betting you can guess where they went.  To Target.  While there he picked up a set of Toy Story Legos and decided to put back an ImagiNext Batman to get a DS game, Monster Jam.  Doesn't that just scream boy?  (Well, you kind of have to see the cover so click the link.)  After Target the boys stopped by Menards to get some trim for the living room.  Then stopped for lunch at McDonald's.

This afternoon as I was wondering what I was going to shoot for the POTD (picture of the day) and found the boys like this.

Boys Playing DS

Kade has a cold or something, possibly an ear infection.  Notice the redness under his nose from all the dripping and wiping.

Since the boys did their thing I thought us girls should do something so I took the girls out shopping.  (It sounds more fun than it was.)  Meg was in serious need of church clothes.  We found some.  Mattey needed to replace a few things from Christmas she didn't like.  She got them.  After getting both of the girls' glasses fixed I stumbled on a major clearance at JC Penney and left with two skirts and three sweaters for $56.  That's a deal when each sweater was $50!


Amy Stone said...

Where on earth could Kaden have gotten a cold and an infection?

Kelly said...

We just got back from Aunt Jan's. He just has a cold for now. I guess I don't get to wear my new clothes until next week. Thanks Noah.