Friday, January 8, 2010

Good Student

Report Card

Today I had to go pick up Mattey's report card.  I was very proud of her when I looked it over.  She made the Honor Roll.

Here's her grades:

Reading  A-

Language Arts  B+

Spelling  A

Mathematics  A

Science & Health  A-

Social Studies  B

Art  A-

Music  A

P.E.  A-

I couldn't believe she got an Outstanding in "Listens attentively, follows directions" and "Stays on task".  I had to wonder if the teacher got that right.  I asked Mat about it and she said at school they have card changes.  Meaning if she doesn't listen her card changes color and when it gets to blue you get into big trouble.  I'm glad she doesn't want to get in trouble and behaves well for her teacher.  Maybe it's time to implement the colored cards at home.  I'll have to think about that one.


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Amy Stone said...

Way to go Mattey! We all know it's easier to listen at school.