Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Honor Roll

I guess our school corp. has a new policy for report cards.  At the end of the first semester they want the parents to go to the school to pick them up.  This allows the parents to schedule a parent-teacher conference if the parent wants one.  I realize this makes more parents be involved but when you don't need a conference about your children it's a waste of time.  Whatever.

Today was the day for Meg's school.  I stopped by after lunch to get hers and her teacher, Mr. G., was at the tables handing out the 5th grade ones.  (Meg's class must have been attending a specials class.)  We chatted about Meg a little while I glanced at her grades, all pretty good.  Lots of comments like "pleasure to have in class".  At the very bottom of the paper, I noticed it on the way out, was an asterisks by Honor Roll.  I knew Meg was going to be thrilled.  She had been a little peeved about Mat making it and not her.  (At least it wasn't announced in the classroom like others were.  I don't know if it's because she made it for the grading period and not the semester.  Who knows.)  When I saw that a plan came to mind.  I wanted to get a shot of Meg as we told her she made the Honor Roll.  I called Mickey and told him the plan.  He was in.  Mickey picked her up from basketball practice and I sat her down and Mickey read off her grades.  And oh, what's this?  You made the Honor Roll.  "Really?!" she said.


Mickey and I decided that we needed to celebrate our smart girls.  (They totally get this from me.)  We grabbed a quick dinner while Mickey was playing hero by donating his much needed O- blood.  Then the kids decided to go to Dairy Queen for ice cream.  (Really, I thought.  It's so cold.)  Here's some pictures from the celebration.

Here are Meg's grades:

Orchestra  A  (performance is outstanding)

Reading  A

English  A

Math  B+

Science  B-

Social Studies  A-

P.E.  Pass

Keyboard  Pass

Enrichment  Pass

On a side note, Kade is feeling much better.  He had a bloody nose this morning and was not ready to be up.  This combination was fun.  Luckily Mickey was planning to take the girls this morning so I didn't have to worry about them while I dealt with Kade.  I got him settled on the couch.  His nose had stopped bleeding but he felt like it was going to bleed again.  I let him hold a wet washcloth to it.  He did so for about an hour and after that he seemed to be getting better.  I dozed on the other couch all morning and kept waking to him talking to me.  I would crack my eyes open to find him bouncing around and doing all kinds of stuff sick kids don't do.  I was amazed at his recovery.  He went several hours without needing to wipe or blow his nose!  He is so going to school tomorrow.


Mickey Standiford said...

They might have gotten their smart-alec-ness from you. Here's a missing piece to this morning's story. After handing Kade off to Kelly, I was going out to put my coat on and Mattey said, "uh Dad, you have blood all over your shirt." Nice! I had to go back and pick out another shirt to wear to work. Thank goodness Kelly managed to get it out. Way to go Meg! Nice work.

BettyS said...

If you really want the truth, I believe that your smart girls get it from their grandparents - right Nana and Papa? Way to go girls - great job! Happy to hear that Kade is feeling better too!

michellekarren said...

No way Guys! It is a scientifically proven fact that the intelligence trait comes directly from the oldest female cousin of the father! Way to go Megan!!

Kelly said...

Beware to those claiming the "smart" gene was from them. Megan will be needing some assistance with her science fair project and I think that should come from the "smart" person. :-)