Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Nights = FHE

On Monday nights we spend time together as a family.  Not that we don't on other nights but on Mondays it's more organized.  We have family home evening.  We rotate through the jobs so we all get a turn.  This also allows the kids to learn how to be responsible for their part of the night, at least I hope that's true.  Tonight Megan conducted the meeting and family business.  I had the opening song.  Mickey had scripture and prayer.  Kade gave a good lesson on letting Jesus into our lives.  I planned the activity, skip bo.  And Mattey provided the treat.  The activity and treat are the most coveted jobs.  Mattey was excited it was her turn for treat.  First she thought we'd go to Krispy Kreme and get a doughnut.  But we later had to run to the store for bread and she saw what she REALLY wanted.  Zebra cakes!  Here she is enjoying hers.

Zebra Cakes


Amy Stone said...

Yum! Any leftovers?

Kelly said...

There were some on the counter earlier. Didn't you see them? Mat would have been mad if you took them. She's planning to take them in her lunch.

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