Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One thing leads to another

Today's to do list was to go grocery shopping, organize the pantry, clean the bathrooms, and get some sewing in.  That's quite a demanding list even with being free until 2.  I put off the groceries until tomorrow when Kade can go with me.  (I feel less guilty buying a chocolate shake and pretzel at Sam's when he's with me and he can help me bag at Meijer.)  I started on the pantry right after I got back from taking Kade to school.  This totally goes with my goal of keeping life simple although getting there wasn't.  Being organized makes my life simple.  Everything in it's place.  I just wish I could get three little people to follow my organization.

By the time the pantry was empty two counters and our table were covered with stuff.  I also had two bags of trash.  Can you believe that?!  There were some stale items, three old lunch boxes, a can of oranges that expired in 2006 (oops), some never used art supplies, and about 30 cans of hard play-do.  Don't feel bad for the kids they still have about 20 left. After I had everything out I decided to wipe the shelves down because that's just what you do when they're sticky.  Then I looked at the walls.  They hadn't been painted for 8 years and they had all the marks to prove it.  This lead to me taking the shelves out and scrubbing the walls.  Nothing came off because it's flat paint.  So that lead to me painting the pantry.  I got two coats on (semi-gloss this time) and since I already had the paint out that lead to painting the other doors in the kitchen.  I got one done besides the pantry door but I'm waiting to do the other two after the kids are in bed.  Which will be soon.  I had to wait for Mickey to help me put the shelves back in because they are difficult.  (I later realized I should have just left them in.  Mickey would have been happier if I had.)

I put everything that was left back in the pantry.  (I did put a few things in a storage bin since we hardly ever use them.)  I couldn't believe it.  There is a ton of space available.  I'll have to find something else to put in there.

So today's pictures, yes two, are a before and after of the pantry.  I think my hard work deserves to be shown.

Pantry before copy Pantry after copy

The kids are in bed now so the other doors can be painted.  The bathrooms will get put on tomorrow's list.  My back is aching to go to bed.

On a side note:  I listened to Straight No Chaser while cleaning and painting.  The pantry has great acoustics.  I sounded awesome as I sang along.  I love their version of I'm Yours.


Mickey Standiford said...

It's hard to believe that those pictures are of the same pantry. Besides helping with the shelves, I provided dinner for the second night in a row. This time though I left the cooking to Hacienda. Great work Sweetheart!

BettyS said...

I can't believe it's been 8 years since the kitchen was added on to. I guess it shows how fast time flies. Nice work Kelly!

Janel said...

That's amazing. My report if I tried to conquer a to-do list like that would be:

start cleaning pantry

get interrupted by kids

return to pantry

find a cake mix

make a cake

go to bed

Good job on your blogging goal, too!

Kelly said...

Luckily we keep the cake mixes in the office (food storage) closet so I wasn't the least bit tempted. I did have lunch though, chocolate frosted mini-wheats. They are good and don't taste anything like cereal. I also had some fruit if anyone wants to know.

becca said...

Janel, me too! Sounds like what would happen here.

Kelly, the pantry looks awesome! Painting is amazing. And look at all that play dough in the before pic? Dang! :)

I too am enjoying your frequent blogging. :) Makes me a bit inspired.