Thursday, January 28, 2010

Playing with Tio

This afternoon (Uncle/Tio) Chris came over to help Mickey with a few things.  He ended up hanging out for a while before we all went to Meg's basketball jamboree.  They had fun playing Super Mario Brothers Wii.

Playing with Tio

Not sure why Kade's tongue is sticking out.  Mattey's being her lovey self.


jessical said...

I love that Kade's tongue is sticking out. Evan does that all the time when he is really concentrating. It looks like Kade is really concentrating hard on the game. Does he have two controllers?

Kelly said...

He likes to play the game with a controller and a nun chuk. It's easier for him.

I'm not sure if he's concentrating or if he knew the picture was going to be taken. Usually he's jumping all around and making noises while he plays like it will help his character do better. It's hilarious!

DadS said...

"You're gonna Die Grampa !" I think I would be upset if it wasn't a game. But he's right ... I'm not very good, so I do provide a little comic relief for the kids when I play with them.