Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shopping at Sam's

This is something we do at least twice a month.  There are several things we buy on a regular basis.  Some of them are in the cart below.  Honey Maid graham crackers, Kraft Mexican shredded cheese, Tyson chicken breasts, ham and turkey lunchmeat, and fruity mentos.  Mickey called me this morning and said he didn't have any candy in the office so I got him some jelly beans and skittles.

Shopping at Sam's

Today they were giving away a cute little boy when you bought a chocolate shake.  I just had to have a shake so I got a cute red headed boy.  And he is so sweet.  He shared the shake with me.

The one thing not yet in the cart is the find of the day.  We went down the clearance Christmas aisle and Kade spied the last Handy Manny fix-it Motorcycle.  He couldn't leave the store without it.  He decided he would use some Christmas money to buy it.  You can't beat $15 when it's about $33 on Amazon.


Janel said...

I could handle a Sam's Club size pack of mentos. Yum!

Kelly said...

The fruit or mint ones? I personally don't care for the fruity ones but Mickey and the reds gobble them up.

becca said...

i vote for fruity. yummy! do you buy those specific things because you use them regularly and thats the best deal? I can never decide if Sams is a good deal or not. I end up thinking the generic stuff at Walmart is still cheaper. But I could go for that good looking shake! (The kid is kinda cute too) :)

Mickey Standiford said...

Another great picture! I love all the bright colors. Ahh, fruity Mentos. The Sam's pack includes the variety fruit packages, the all strawberry one (probably my favorite), and the green apple (a surprisingly close second).

Kelly said...

I thought you'd like the candy aisle as the background.

Becca, we are pretty picky and there are few generics that we like so we tend to stick with name brands. I'm not totally sure if Sam's is cheaper but it does make it more convenient to buy in bulk. I know for sure that the shredded cheese and graham crackers are cheaper. The Oscar Mayer lunch meat is about $7. It's a 2 pound package and it's low fat. I think that's a deal.

The shake is the best deal of all. I think it's $1.09 and it's very yummy.

Amy Stone said...

Would I rather be Kade or Mickey?