Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Special Guest

Mickey was/is going to do the POTD but he may be getting in late and may not have internet access where he'll be.  So he will post his whenever he can.  Since he might not post until tomorrow I will post a random thing from today.

Yesterday a note came home with Kade from his teacher reminding up that today was Teddy Bear Picnic day.  We brought Kade's friend home and when his mom picked him up we talked about it.  This morning I saw the paper on the counter.  We got to school and everyone is pulling out their bear, or whatever animal they brought, and Kade pulls out....nothing.  I totally forgot.  What a bad mother I am.  Really it's what a bad memory I have.  The teacher said he could borrow one of theirs but Kade wasn't having it.  To make up for my forgetfulness I ran home to get Big Bear.  I even dressed him in some of Kade's jammies.

January 27th

From what I hear Big Bear and Kade had a fun picnic with all the other kids and animals.  It really is an honor being a special guest at Kade's preschool.  I'm thinking of helping out next month on pajama and pancake day.  I can even wear my jammies while I'm flipping the pancakes.  Sounds like fun to me.

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