Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Traditions

For the past several years we've had cinnamon rolls on Sunday mornings.  They weren't home made.  (That's one thing I haven't mastered yet.)  Pillsbury made them.  But still we had cinn rolls, as we called them.  In the middle of last year Mickey had to start going to church early for his calling so he missed out on the treat before church.  We did save him some for later.  I started to not eat them because how do you divide up 8 rolls between 5 people who all want 2?  This year I thought we could start having muffins instead.  I can make them the night before and Mickey can have his before he leaves.  Last night I made blueberry.  I don't really like the mix I used.  I think Duncan Hines has a good one I'll use next time.  The kids are requesting lemon poppy seed for next week.  I'm sure that's what we'll have.

January 10th

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kellymear said...

Those look delicious! I've done cinnamon rolls a few times now that we have 1:30 church, but they take so dang long (I like the homemade kind best. . .). This weekend a thought popped into my head to try cinnamon muffins instead! So I looked up some recipes online, but really couldn't find quite what I had in mind- I didn't want apple/cinnamon or strawberry/cinnamon or oatmeal cinnamon, just cinnamon! So I took matters into my own hands and adjusted a cinnamon bread recipe from my mom and it turned out great! If you're interested, let me know and I'll pass the recipe on.