Saturday, January 16, 2010

Treat Thief

I was going to blog about sweet teeth (we all have more than one) and whether it was a nature or nurture thing.  I made Rice Krispie Treats tonight for dessert.  We had some of our nieces and nephew over for a while.  I wanted a picture of all the kids together but that wasn't working out so well.  (The kids like to pair off; Megan and Luci, Mattey and Polly, Kade and Joey, and Evie hung out with Mickey or me.)  I decided to shoot the treats.  This is what I got for the second picture.  I couldn't not use it.

Treat Thief

Little Evie reached up for a treat right when I took the picture.  Since she's only 18 months I think we're born with a sweet tooth.

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jessical said...

If it wasn't so small, I would say that hand is mine! I love Rice Krispie treats!