Sunday, January 24, 2010

Warm Blooded Red Heads

Mattey & Kade seem to have warmer blood than the rest of us.  Maybe it's the red hair?  During the winter they can wear summer clothing and not be cold.  I get cold just looking at all the exposed skin.  This afternoon they had to put on their "diving" suits.  They found some floaties in the basement and blew them up.  They were pretending to go to the beach.  They completed the pretend by putting on "Lilo & Stitch" which takes place in Hawaii.  (Ahh...Hawaii.  Sunshine.  Warm weather.)  At least in the basement I don't have to lather them up with SPF 50 or vacuum up a lot of sand that gets tracked into the house.

Beach Bums?


Janel said...

That's a great picture. Those looks are classic. I love their idea. I could use some Hawaii (fake or real) about now.

BettyS said...

Donna Keusch just got back from Hawaii. She said the lowest temperature was about 62 and the hottest was 80. She sure enjoyed her time there.