Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Day of Running

I really wish that meant I've been on the treadmill running all day.  But no.  I've been running the kids and myself around in the van since 7:30 this morning.  The picture is us waiting for Meg to come out of school.

In the Van

Here's the run down of the day:

7:30 - Meg to school

7:40 - Mat misses her bus (for the third time this week)

7:50 - Mat to school

9:03 - Kade to school

9:15 - Back home to workout and shower

11:16 - Take meds to Kade at school

11:30 - 30 minute drive to get massage (ahhh)

1:07 - 30 minute drive home

1:47 - Pick up Kade

2:12 - Go home to wait for Mat's bus (Kade got out 10 minutes late so we had to skip our library trip)

2:50 - Pick up Meg

3:04 - Meg to dentist (Mickey's picking her up on his way home.)

3:30 - Leave dentist, Mat to orthodontist

4:08 - Go home

I know it's not that bad but I'm tired of being in the van.  I'm such a home body.  I only have one more trip tonight.  I'm going to church to do some quilting.  Speaking of quilting I still have a little more to work to do on mine before I can cut all the yarns and tie them.  My fingers and lower back are so sore.


Amy Stone said...

Maybe you just need a cooler car.

Kelly said...

Don't go there Amy. I am still coveting a Ford Edge. I'm trying to be happy with my paid for van/bus. I must admit the running wouldn't have been so bad if the plug for my iPod was working. I'll have to have my handy husband take a look at it. I only had scratchy cds to listen too. Not fun.

Janel said...

I had a hard time focusing on this post because I was coveting your cute earrings/scarf.

Kelly said...

Janel, the scarf is the one I was working on at your house when I visited. I love it. The earrings I found at Kohl's. I love their costume jewelry. They have great sets and they're on sale a lot.

Mickey Standiford said...

Sometimes I realize how easy it is to get up and "just" have to go to work.

Kelly said...

"Just" work. Sometimes that sounds nice.