Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pancakes & Pajamas

Pajamas & Pancakes

That was the theme of the day at Kade's school.  (It seems like I have more to report on him.  I guess it's because he's with me more and his school does more fun things.)  Kade started out in his Star Wars jammies but I noticed they were about 3" too short and the shirt just barely covered that pot belly of his.  I talked him into his Scooby-Doo ones that fit better.  He took his Citrus Dragon with him to share the day.  I helped out with the event.  (I didn't end up doing much, filling cups for the kids and taking pictures of everyone.)  The day was a success.  The kids all had fun eating breakfast and wearing jammies at school.

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Amy Stone said...

Those pancakes in the background look scrumptious!