Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Art Work

Wouldn't you love to have this hanging on your fridge?

March 24th

I would.  I LOVE it!  (Maybe it would scare me away from snacking.)  This is one of many projects Kade worked on this week at school.  They really got into dinosaur week.  I love all the fun creative things that the kids have brought home from preschool but can someone please tell me what I'm supposed to do with a dinosaur diorama (shoe box)?  I think I have three now, one from each kid.  I put it in the plastic tote where all the other art work is but it takes up SO much space.  I did take a picture of it so maybe I could accidently loose it sometime?


kellymear said...

Once I take a picture of it, I toss it. Somethings I hang on the wall in the kids' room for a while, but it eventually falls or gets taken down and torn and I put it in the trash when no one is looking. Call me heartless, but I already have too many things collecting to keep so many "projects." Well- I do have a file for each child where I keep some of my favorites. And we haven't done any diaramas yet- but I think I'd toss it after enjoying it for a week or so and taking a picture.

Janel said...

Teachers should know the 3D dilemma. I'm bad; I just only threw out my kids' Valentines boxes. I should say "snuck out" under cover of night. : )