Monday, March 22, 2010



I guess Spring is finally here.

Meg's entire school took a field trip to a bowling alley today.  The 5th & 6th graders went together and then later the 7th & 8th graders went.  It was a fascinating site watching almost all the students come out in their school shirts.

Mat, for some reason (this is a phrase she uses all the time), has taken a liking to the Captain Underpants books.  She also ate a bunch of snacks while the kids stayed at my parents' house this afternoon.  I don't think she'll ever get much fat on her.  Lucky.

Kade has dinosaur week at preschool.  Today he painted a dinosaur and a habitat in a shoe box.  He also put stickers on dino eggs.

Mickey and I are finishing up some minor repairs on the house before the inspectors walk through.  Not sure when that will be.

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BettyS said...

Will you be taking any of your flowers with you to a new house?