Friday, March 5, 2010

Clean, Clean, Clean

That's what we've been doing a lot of lately.  It's not been deep cleaning though.  Mostly a wipe off here and there.  We had two showings already this week plus one tonight and one tomorrow.  I couldn't get the cleaning done without the help of my friends.  (Or my husband.)

Cleaning Products

The kids have been really good about picking up after themselves.  They still need to be reminded but maybe by the time we move they will have had enough practice it will be second nature.  Ha.

We looked at two houses today.  One...let's just say odd layout, drowning possibilities in the pond behind it, and they have a cat.  The other has potential but needs to be brought to the here and now and not the 70s.  It also had a tiny yard and not a full basement (meaning there's basement under part but not the entire house.  Now why would they do that?)


Mickey Standiford said...

That is the first picture I've ever seen that makes me want to clean.

Kelly said...

You're weird. Nothing makes me want to clean. Except maybe piles of clutter but that would go right in the trash. :-)

Janel said...

Amen to the basement and the cat. Double amen.