Saturday, March 20, 2010

Competitive Siblings

Sibling rivalry is not a new thing.  It probably exists in just about every family.  In ours its the girls who are most competitive.  Today they were trying to take each other down.

Sibling Rivalry

If I were a betting person my money would have been on Mattey.  She weighs in at about 50 pounds but she is strong and determined.  Meg is about a foot taller and out weighs her by 30+ pounds.  If she applied herself, I'm sure Meg would have a chance at winning.  But ever since they were both little Megan was always concerned about hurting Mattey and would let Mat beat her up.

Although she gives in physically she tries to compete in other ways.  Last week Mattey had her tooth pulled.  She got some attention for that and a nice monetary donation from the Tooth Fairy.  The next day Meg told me her tooth was loose.  I thought she'd have a few days until she got it out.  Nope.  She came out of her room around 10 p.m. to tell us she pulled it out.  She just couldn't let Mat have all the attention.  This week they both brought home their report cards.  Again both made honor roll.  So glad for that, no one's feelings got hurt.

A note on the house:  It's official.  The house is SOLD.  They excepted the counter offer this afternoon.  We also toured a house we really like.  Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers coming.


Amy Stone said...

Yay on the house sale. We will happily take in any ONE homeless Standiford. We are not picky.

BettyS said...

Congratulations on the sale of the house! We pray for you, Mickey and your children every day. Always have, Always will!