Thursday, March 18, 2010

Couldn't pick just one

This afternoon we had another showing.  By the way, the second showing we had on's between our house and one other.  They will decide next week.  I don't know what I prefer to happen.  Okay, so I want our house to be picked but then we'd be homeless, so then I don't want our house to be picked.  Back to today.  The weather was beautiful again.  Loving it.  Like yesterday we took the kids to a playground before heading to the library to do homework.  Mickey had the camera today.  I couldn't pick just one so you'll get three.  I'll have to figure out how to fix it in photo shop so I can print all three as one 4" X 6".

March 18th March 18th March 18th


Janel said...

I always envy your amazing photography skills. Do you still have your black and whites up in the living room? Have you changed any?

And blue skies in SB? Amazing.

Kelly said...

The black and whites are not still up. We depersonalized the house to make it easier for people to imagine themselves living there. They will go up as soon as we're settled where ever we're moving to.

I've really enjoyed the blue skies this week. It will all be ending tomorrow.