Monday, March 29, 2010

Finally Five!

Blasting off

Kade's been waiting and waiting to turn five.  The day has finally come.  He celebrated most of the day.  He woke up to balloons and streamers.  Had chocolate cupcakes at preschool.  Had lunch and played games with a friend at Chuck E. Cheese.  Opened presents after Mickey came home.  Had another cupcake before bed.  He's so happy to be five.  I hope he enjoys this fun year.

We always hear good comments about Kade from his school and church teachers and other adults.  Kade is a sweet, charismatic boy.  He has more of his dad's personality than his mom's.  Which means people are just drawn to him.  He is funny.  He can also be sensitive and considerate of other's needs, especially mine.  Kade is anxiously waiting to play baseball this year and soccer again in the fall.  He has his bad moments, like all people do, but overall he is one great kid.  We're so happy to have him in our family.

Happy Birthday, Kade!

P.S.  I will post a link to more pictures soon.  I have a lot to go through and have had a really bad sinus headache all day.

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