Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Going Out like a Lion?

This can not be possible.  We started and ended the month of March with great weather.  I was expecting bad storms or snow for today.  Nope.  We have lovely 70 degree weather and lots of sunshine.  Here's the proof.

March 31th

This wraps up my third month of blogging.  Wow!

After we read scriptures today we will have read everyday for three months.  That's an accomplishment.  Especially with the willing readers (insert sarcasm here) we have.  We have to celebrate that.  Not sure what we'll do.

Meg has softball practice today.  Oh, the fun has begun and won't end until...July?

Added at 5:58 p.m.  The current temp is 77.  Nice.


amandas said...

I LOVE the warm weather!! Good job reading those scriptures!! Chris and I have done pretty well but not every single day! Way to go!

kellymear said...

Here in Mesa it's currently 81* (5:00 pm), but I just checked tomorrow's weather and the high is 53*!! What the what? It's supposed to be rainy- of course, because this is the second attempt at Ella's school to do field day for the younger grades. Oh well. So, soak up that sunshine for us tomorrow while we're huddled inside!

BettyS said...

It was a beautiful day, I did some of my reading for class outside. That is wonderful that you have done the blog for 3 months. I have read everyone of them and look forward to what will be next. That sure is a reason to celebrate reading the scriptures everyday for 3 months. You are awesome!